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Jun 03 – Jun 16, 2021
michael coard

Black Consumers Must Demand Respect in Philly, Across U.S.

Ask yourself what would the average Black person do if a neighborhood Chinese food store was Black-owned but hired only or mostly Asian people who consistently cursed and yelled at Black customers through bulletproof glass. Black folks would go ballistic.
javondlynn dunagan

Carrying While Black (Part 1 of 3)

Javondlynn Dunaga (center) also encourages her students to try out different firearms before making a purchase. She said you can’t trust the salesperson at the store, because they are just trying to get guns off the shelves. But it is not just the salesperson women have to worry about getting bad information from, many of her students listen to what a male friend tells them and that could be a problem.
windhoek, namibia

Germany to Pay Namibia $1.3bn as it Formally Recognizes Colonial Era Genocide

Germany gained control of the desert country in the 1880s and surrendered the territory to South Africa in 1915. Namibia gained independence in 1990.
champion services travel - group travel

Eye Injury and Glaucoma: Questions and Answers

Each year more than 2.5 million eye injuries occur in the United States. Eye injuries can lead to several eye problems including glaucoma which is usually caused by a blunt force trauma to the eye.
deniece williams

Women Songwriters Hall of Fame

The Women Songwriters’ Hall of Fame, founded to honor women whose body of work represents the best of the heritage and legacy of modern American music, will pay homage to ten female songwriters, including Deniece Williams, on June 25, 2021 at the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

Bicoastal Artist Exhibits in Gary

“I like my Gary home because it is the only place where I have a garden,” says Lillian Attinasi, the bicoastal creator who lives blocks from the sandy shores of Lake Michigan during the summer and in Long Beach, California during the winter. Photo: Collage Enhanced Photography by Atttinasi.
woolly mammoth theatre
ellen sirleaf johnson


Even as America reopens, there will be at least two virtual Juneteenth programs as the virtual world continues to thrive. In the theater streaming world, Animal Wisdom is extended to Sunday, June 27. Lou Fields, however, has re-started his Frederick Douglass Walking Tours in Baltimore. However, the Odunde Festival in Philadelphia is online this year until Sunday, June 13. Former president of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf particpates in a TIME 100 talk.
malcolm X at Lenox Avenue

Readers' Trends

On all four platforms, history topics were the most popular amongst our readers. Including a diverse range of stories and postings of York, Dr. Watkins, Joe Biden, and Malcolm X.
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