October 17 – October 30


Introducing … Snúhgie!


snuhgieSnúhgie might just be one of Washington, DC’s best kept secrets. The DC native is taking control of his music business as he remains committed  to serving humanity.  Recently, we sat down for a chat and I learned that this family man has a lot more on his mind than his next gig and the release of his new album, “High Definition Love.”

The eldest of four children and raised in a single parent home, not surprisingly, Snúghie endured a challenging childhood. Introduced to music in the church, Snúhgie had this to say about his musical heritage, “My immediate family isn’t musical, but my uncle was the lead singer in every choir he’s ever been a part of and I recently learned that my grandfather sang background for Sam Cooke.”

A 1998 graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Snúghie confides that in school he learned the craft of performance. “Its creed of excellence and the exposure to greatness definitely shaped me as a person. The relationships made were deep and they’re still current,” he added about his Ellington experience.  Snúghie’s musical education also took place outside of Ellington as he performed in local go go bands.

The music director and consummate musician is proficient on the saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, organ, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion.  He created Rhythmic Sounds, a production company, in 2001.  “The songwriting service and the music director service are pretty even keel,” he said.  Initially providing live music for corporate events, the company has evolved into a production house.

"Teaching is something I have a passion to do.  I like the service of it. That’s what is intoxicating to me.  I feel like a part of me was made to give."

As impressed as I was with Snúhgie’s musicality and gorgeous sound, I was equally struck by his love of family and obvious faith.  “I can’t successfully do music full-time without the support of my family. My wife lets me rehearse to my heart’s desire in our home and pretty much supports every endeavor,” he continued with a smile.

Snúhgie shared that every year he does mission work in Belize and that if he was not an artist, he would teach.  “I like people. Teaching is something I have a passion to do.  I like the service of it. That’s what is intoxicating to me.  I feel like a part of me was made to give,” Snúhgie confided.  He continued, “my faith has helped me realize my musical purpose. My goal is to make timeless music and be a positive influence.”

snuhgieSnúhgie names four legends as musical influences:  “Stevie Wonder for his musicianship and being unafraid to speak about human and civil rights, Michael Jackson for his humanitarian movement, Prince for his rebellion and not conforming to a broken industry, and Earth Wind & Fire for always presenting us with quality and positivity.”

Like the legends before him, this indie artist creates soul music. His debut album, “High Definition Love,” is a work in progress.  Regarding the title, he explained,  “I hear a lot of people say that relationships are 50/50. I believe that individually we should always give 100 percent and commit to strengthening our relationships if they are to succeed. I also know that love changes people. “High Definition Love” endures beyond the challenges.”  He continued, “For better or for worse, I’m also sort of a perfectionist and want things to be right. I feel that if this is the only album I’m ever able to release, it’s gonna be great.”  With an eye on traveling to the United Kingdom, Snúhgie plans to tour to support “High Definition Love.”

Snúhgie’s lyrics speak the language of love, and he is doing his part to keep romance flowing in the DMV (Metro DC – DC, Maryland, and Virginia).  Check out Snúhgie at his "Date Night with Snúhgie" performance at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria, Virginia or with his band, Got Sol, Tuesday nights at Indulj in Washington, DC.

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Shutdown NUTshell

 klan at the white house

- - Huffington Post reports: Due to the shutdown, the number of Republican House seats vulnerable in 2014 has jumped from 21 to 29. Only 17 seats are needed for the Democrats to win back the House. (House members serve two year terms and all are up for reelection in 2014.)

- - “Let’s have a little straight talk, Martha,” Republican Senator McCain said on conservative Fox News. “[The administration] wouldn’t have had the opportunity to handle it that way if we had not shut down the government on a fool’s errand that we were not going to accomplish. The whole premise of shutting down the government was the repeal of Obamacare."

- - CNN Reports:  "I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up," said Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, a conservative political advocacy group.

- - Zhao Xijun, deputy dean at Beijing’s Renmin University School of Finance, who likens Congress to kidnappers holding global investment for ransom. “The two political parties in the U.S. have disregarded the interest of the rest of their country and the world,” he said.

Photo: Conservative shutdown protester with a Confederate flag at the White House.

Gambians Celebrated Tobaski

 keluntang drammeh

Muslims around the globe celebrated one of the most important feasts on their calendar, Tobaski, as it is called in the Wolof language (the Eidul Adha in Arabic), Tuesday, October 15.  The celebrations honor the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ishmael as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a ram to sacrifice in place of his son.

Keluntang Drammeh, a 12th grade math teach teacher at Kotu Secondary School in The Gambia, says, “During Tobaski, we dressed well and went to the praying ground where the imam led the prayers.” 

What follows is essentially one nationwide massive barbecue and celebrations throughout the day.  Added Drammeh “After the prayers, we went home and killed and cooked rams.”  The children and I then visited friends and relatives.  (His wife was on travel).

Drammeh is working with the Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership on a Facebook project that will link students at his school with students at Cardoza Education Campus, formerly Cardoza High School in Washington, DC.

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Index On Countries’ Ability to Develop and Nurture Human Capital


The World Economic Forum’s first Human Capital Index has identified the most successful countries in the world when it comes to maximizing the long-term economic potential of their respective labor forces. The Index, which measures countries on their ability to develop and deploy healthy, educated, and able workers through four distinct pillars: Education, Health and Wellness, Workforce and Employment, and Enabling Environment, finds Switzerland ranked number one overall.

Among the 122 ranked countries, Canada ranked 10th and the United States ranked 16th.  The highest-placed Sub-Saharan African country is Mauritius at number 47.  South Africa was number 86 and Nigeria was number 114. Barbados was the highest ranking Caribbean country at number 26. Yemen pulled up the rear at 122.

Overall rank:  16th
Education rank: 11th
Health and wellness rank: 43rd
Workforce and employment rank: 4th
Enabling environment rank: 16th

Underground Railroad Free Press Prize Winners


In the sixth annual awarding of the Underground Railroad Free Press prizes, the Free Press Panel of
Judges has named Wendy Straight, David Smith, and the board of directors and president of Owen
Lovejoy Homestead, Inc. as the 2013 winners.  The September issue of the Underground Railroad Free Press profiles the winners.

The Underground Railroad Free Press covers news about the Underground Railroad of today including news on what organizations and individuals are doing on behalf of the Underground Railroad.  The online publication also concentrates on useful information for the public, especially the identification of Underground Railroad safe-houses and routes, preservation efforts, Underground Railroad programs and threats to sites or programs.

The current issue also reprints the BBC Magazine article, “Should African-American History Have its Own Museum?” 

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port of harlem gambian education partnership

Things to Do

 africa live seattle

Washington, DC
World of Montgomery Festival
Westfield Wheaton Plaza Mall
(parking lot across from the Wheaton
Metro station)
Wheaton, MD
Sun, Oct 20, noon- 5p, free

Frederick Douglass, The Sage of Cedar Hill
Lecture by CR Gibbs
Gregory Library
3660 Alabama Ave, SE
Thu, Oct 24, 7p

12th Annual Hurston/Wright Legacy
Awards Ceremony
Carnegie Library
801 K Street, NW
Fri, Oct 25, 7p, $125
Followed by Reception 

Haunted Hangar
College Park Aviation Museum
1985 Corporal Frank Scott Drive
College Park, MD
Sat, Oct 26, $4/adults, $3/seniors 60 & better,
$2/children and free for ages 1 & under

Coming in November
Decorating for the Holidays
with Sherry Ways
A Port Of Harlem Event
Alexandria Black History Museum
902 Wythe Street
Free street parking
3 blocks from Braddock Rd Metro
Alexandria, VA
Sat, Nov 9, 11a-1p, free
Registration Encouraged

23rd Annual BZB Holiday Gift Art Show
Shiloh Family Life Center
1510 9th Street
Fri, Nov 29-Sat Nov 30
Sats Dec 7, 14, and 21,  10a-7p, free

15th Annual Gathering of Africa’s Best
(GAB) Awards
Hilton London Paddington
146 Praed Street
Sun Oct,27,  5p-11.30p. $

New York City
Nigerian Banking & Finance Expo
Marriott Hotel
Newark International Airport, NJ, USA
Fri, Oct 25-Sat, Oct 26, free

West Africa Live!
Great Hall – 8th Avenue
Sat, Oct 19, 6:30p-9:30p, free-$15

Boondocks: A Date With The Booty Warrior

booty warrior 

Readers, along with countless public relations personnel, send us links to movies and this one was unique enough that we think it is worth sharing.  This 2010 release by Aaron McGruder originally appeared on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim.

In A Date With the Booty Warrior, Tom volunteers to lead Huey, Riley, and some classmates on a trip to jail as part of a Scared Stiff program. With it being a McGruder creation there are some very serious lines balanced with some very hilarious lines such as this one that got our laugh on:

Kid: Are you gonna rape us?
1st Prisoner: Do we look like priests? We ain't gonna hurt no kids.

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What Americans Spend on
Foreign Aid

 oxam america

According to OXFAM America:
  • Americans spend more on caring for pets-$45 million annually-than the US government spends on foreign aid.

  • Americans spend as much on candy-$30 billion annually-as the US government spends on foreign aid.

OXFAM America, an international relief and development organization, also released information supporting the passage of the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2013 (HR 2638). The bill would require the US to establish guidelines for measureable goals, performance statistics, and monitoring and evaluation plans for US foreign assistance.

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