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April 5 - April 18. 2012


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Add Space to Your Closet

Is your bedroom closet jam-packed or overflowing? Among all the closets in your home, the bedroom closet is the one that most often becomes crowded over time. If this too has been your experience, you do not have to rent extra storage space. There are cost-effective ways to maximize and make the most of the space in your closet so everything fits perfectly

Exploit Your Vertical Space

Vertical space is often ignored, but you probably can add a lot of storage space by installing shelves above the closet rod.  On this new shelf, you can store items that you rarely use.

Add Another Rod

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amar group

Senegal Peacefully Elects
New President

Senegal Gets First Black First Lady

The West African nation of Senegal can yet again claim to be the only country in Africa not to experience a coup as the means to transfer political power when President Abdoulaye Wade conceded defeat to newly elected President Macky Sall after the March 25 run-off election.

Macky became the country's fourth president during his swearing in ceremony April 2--where some noted that his wife will become the first Black first lady of Senegal.

Former Presidents Leopold Senghor and Abdoulaye Wade both had French wives. The wife of president Abdou Diouf was of mixed Senegalese/Lebanese descent.

Mandela On-line

Thousands of handwritten letters, photographs and videos that detail Nelson Mandela's life are now on line providing users around the world a virtual museum. The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and Google produced the historic site.








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Election 2012

The latest CNN poll indicates that Obama is the only presidential candidate with a personal popularity rating over 50%, with 56% of the public having a favorable view of Obama as a person and 42% seeing him in an unfavorable light.

By contrast, nearly half questioned have an unfavorable view of Romney, compared to only 37% with a favorable view.  Santo rum's unfavorables outweigh his favorable rating by a 42%-35% margin.

Mississippi Sentences White Who Terrorized Black

Deryl Dedmon, 19, received two life sentences for the June 26 death of James Craig Anderson in Mississippi. Dedmon admitted that he and a group of other White teens were partying when he suggested they find a Black man to harass (or terrorize). They found Anderson, beat him, and ran over him.

pictured right:  James Anderson


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ivan brown realty


New Tales from The Gambia

Gambian Toubab Bumsters

“Toubab” in Wolof (“Toubabo” in Mandinka) means White or stranger. “Bumsters” is the term for bums who loiter. “Gambian Toubab Bumsters” is a term Gambians use to describe Europeans who come to live in The Gambia and sit around the local eateries, bars, swimming pools, and beaches much like some seniors in America do at their local McDonalds restaurant in the United States.

Obama Street Remains

The 2008 jubilations are over, but Obama Street, Obama Rice, Obama Restaurant, and Obama bumper stickers remain. At the three-story bookstore, Timbooktu, you will find a picture of the Obama’s with the Queen of England and an Obama 2012 window placard in the center of the first floor.

Port Of Harlem Opens
West Africans in Early America
in Banju

Photo (left): Abdou Mbye, Director General of the Gambia National Library Authority, proudly explains to young Gambian how our ancestors contributed to the building of America. The Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership will make the exhibition available on-line in the next Snippets. (below) the exhibition.

Is Ibrahim Mad at Obama over Gaddafi?

As I sat in my barber’s chair, Ibrahim, my barber, proudly lifted up his certificate to show me the picture underneath of President Obama sitting in a barber’s chair-- that I had given him in 2009.

However, he did not have anything to say when I asked why he completely covered up Obama’s picture with his certificate while writing the death date of Muammar Gaddafi on a picture of the former slain Libyan leader. (For many Africans at home and abroad, Gaddafi was a pan-African hero.)

Fashionista – Gambian Style

Bineta Senghorae (left) and Yvette Manneh (right) demonstrate some high western, urban styling for our camera.

Things to Do

Kerry Washington
stars in Scandal
New ABC Series written by
Shonda Rhimes

ABC-TV Thursday 10/9c

Their Valor Purchased Liberty for All: The District of Columbia's Black Civil War Regiment

By C.R.Gibbs

Woodridge Public Library
18th & Rhode Island Ave NE
Washington, D.C., free
This Presentation Is Part of the District of Columbia's Official 150th Emancipation Day Anniversary Lecture Series
Wed, Apr 11, 7p

Emancipation Parade and Street Festival

Freedom Plaza
Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C.

Mon, Apr 16, 11a-2p, free

Music at St. Mary's with The Harlem Chamber Players
St. Mary's Episcopal Church 521 W 126th St.
(Btwn Broadway and Amsterdam)
New York, NY
Sun, Apr 29, 3p

Easter (Western)
Sun, Apr 8

Fasika (Ethiopian Easter)
Sun April 15

Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello: Paradox of Liberty National Museum of African American History and Culture
Washington, D.C.
Through Sun, Oct 14, free

Africans in Early America

Gambia National Library

Banjul, The Gambia

Indefinite, free


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Evaluating a Negotiated Rulemaking Process by Lavell Merritt, Jr., whom we featured on the May-July 2008 cover, is now available.  Merritt is currently the Director of the Regional Pro-Ranger Program, which recruits and train new park service rangers.


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