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Add Space to Your Closet


Is your bedroom closet jam-packed or overflowing? Among all the closets in your home, the bedroom closet is the one that most often becomes crowded over time. If this too has been your experience, you do not have to rent extra storage space. There are cost-effective ways to maximize and make the most of the space in your closet so everything fits perfectly.

Exploit Your Vertical Space
Vertical space is often ignored, but you probably can add a lot of storage space by installing shelves above the closet rod. On this new shelf, you can store items that you rarely use.

Add Another Rod
Instead of just one rod, hang two – one on top of the other – to double the storage room for hanging clothes. When installing the first rod, measure the length of the longest outfit you will hang in the closet and add about 6 inches to that length. Take that measurement and install the rod that many inches from the closet floor. Repeat the same measurement for the second rod, use the second measurement and install the second rod that many inches from the first rod. You want to allow six inches of clearance above and below each rod.

Do Not Forget the Back of the Door
Create extra storage quickly by hanging an over-the-door organizer. These come in many materials including canvas, plastic, wire and bamboo. Organizers are good to store shoes, ties, belts and other small accessories.

Declutter the Closet Rod
Empty hangers take up a lot of space. Store good hangers in a box on a high shelf, and throw away wire hangers (or give them to your dry cleaner).

Add Hooks
Ties, belts and purses take up less room when they are hanging on hooks rather than stored on shelves. Besides they are much easier to find!

Whether your closet is grand or petite, maximizing the space will help organize your stuff; thus decreasing stress and adding joy to your daily routines.

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