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Aug 12 – Aug 25, 2021
Joseph Anténor Firmin

Joseph Anténor Firmin: Early Intellectual Resistor to White Supremacy and Scientific Racism

Circa 1850, "scientific racism," an international school of racial typology propagated the pseudo–science of biological and intellectual inferiority of African descended people. In 1850, Haitian Joseph Anténor Firmin challenged and meticulously dismantled the dangerous pillars of the myth as it begun to develop and publicly express itself.
mammy's revenge

Mammy's Revenge?

Dr. Ida Jones, University Archivist, Morgan State University, on Port Of Harlem Talk Radio. We discussed how almost 50 years later, we see women who could fit this description to some degree gain power and use it, including . . . and we also now see women with "ethnic" names in power and also using it, including . . .
west papua

West Papuans in Oceania Seek Freedom Like Other African People

Reminiscent of the 1863 agreement between Europeans to peacefully carve up Africa for their own needs and without regard to the indigenous people, The Netherlands in 1898 colonized the western part of the island of New Guinea and called it West Papua. When the eastern part of the island became independent, West Papua did not.
mike jones state farm
Haitia and race

Haitians Can No Longer Hide Behind The Caste System Killing Our Country

The torture and assassination of president Jovenel Moïse by unknown assailants laid bare the reality in Haiti in ways that we can no longer hide. Contrary to popular belief, Haiti is not a Black country. It is a modern–day Apartheid state where a small minority of White people lord over the mass of the population who are Black. 
older black couple

5 Social Security Myths Debunked

Waiting to claim Social Security after age 62 comes with a bonus: roughly 8% additional monthly income per year for each year you delay claiming (up to age 70).
air senegal

Air Senegal's Now Takes Off From DC and NYC for Dakar and Beyond

On September 2, Air Senegal began twice-weekly flights from Washington Dulles to NYC Kennedy, then across the big pond to Daker's ultramodern, regional air hub Blaise Diagne International Airport. From Blaise, passengers can connect to other destinations including Banjul.
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
calabar art gallery picture of boy


After a vigorous 30–minute talk with Dr. Ida Jones on "Mammy's Revenge?", we are looking forward to our Port Of Harlem Talk Radio talk with Gershom Williams, Sr. about Haitian Joseph Firmin. "Black Artists In Their Own Realm: Ideas, Materials And Techniques" is open in Harlem. Under movie, see the Christian epic, Sight & Sound: Jonah.
greek freak

Readers' Trends

Diversity showed some strength in the two past weeks since the release of our last issue, The Greek (Nigerian) Freak, Library of Congress grants, and the relationship between wearing COVID masks and Whites Only signs all proved popular with you and other readers across the platforms we use. You can give us a boast by liking or following us on those platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now (see the icons for the links below).
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