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port of harlem magazine
July 16 – July 29, 2020

natonne king

Changed to a Virtual Conference: Afro–American Historical and Genealogical Society

More than 50 sessions will present lectures on subjects targeted to the beginner, the advanced, the hobbyist, and the professional genealogical researcher.

How To Have A Sustainable, Germ–Free Home

A green home doesn't just mean using natural disinfectants and scrubbing everything with baking soda. A sustainable house uses fewer products in general, reducing waste and investing in sustainable materials.

Organic and Natural Product: What's the Difference?

When the product is labeled as "natural," there are no regulated ingredients, and it can have different meanings. "Organic," on the other hand, is a strictly defined term and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.
woolly mammoth theatre
madi jobarteh

Madi Jobarteh Speaks After Police Dropped Charges

In his first reaction after police dropped criminal charges against him, pro–democracy campaigner Madi Jobarteh has said the battle to end abuse of power by keeping the populace subjugated has just begun.
lisa and rasheida

Lisa and Rasheida Bennett

The Bennett's have been married for 18 years, have 4 children, and 6 grandchildren. They are sharing their midwestern story on the Internet to help others understand that you can have the "American Dream" and an outstanding relationship with Jesus Christ.

"A Girl From Mogadishu" Now On Showtime On Demand

Traumatized by her memory, Ifrah Ahmed channeled the experience into a force for change and emerged as a formidable campaigner against female genital mutilation at the highest political echelons in Ireland, Europe, and globally.
mandela day


Mandela Day is Sat, Jul 18, and we have links to two virtual celebrations, one Friday and another Saturday. There are also two Brookings Institution seminars including "How Cultural Factors Shape Children's Economic Outcomes" and there are many events we hope you won't miss, but we must remove them, such as the Rosa Parks' exhibit at the Library of Congress, from the next issue to make room for new ones.
mt rushmore reimagined

Readers' Trends

Port Of Harlem is on four platforms and the readers on those platforms are not always in sync as to what are their favorite postings and/or articles and that was the case in the last two weeks. And, some in our recent survey report say they are on social media, but have not liked or followed us. The links to Facebook and Instagram are on this page. Please use them an join us now.
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