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December 03 – December 16, 2020

cr gibbs

The Hidden Black History of the Electoral College

Direct presidential elections were considered and then dropped. If elections in the House of Representatives were to be based on population, enslaved Africans must be counted (even though they could not vote) so unless they could be counted in some way, perhaps indirectly, southern delegates would not sign off on the measure.
Lewis Hamilton

The African World Cheers Lewis Hamilton's Seventh World Title

Lewis Hamilton is, in my opinion, the greatest of all time," exclaimed Port Of Harlem reader Khataza Gondwe in London. Hamilton's popularity expands across the African world into the Gambia where another reader, Baba Sey of Brikama, says he has been following the sport before Hamilton arrived on the scene. However, Sey sees his victory as "redemption."
dempsey travis

The Black Magnificent Mile: 71st to 95th on Cottage Grove

The Black spending pattern has resulted in a self-imposed colonialism which is reflected in the abandonment of one commercial strip after another. Every closed abandoned store means a loss on the average of four jobs per establishment. If Blacks had spent 17.8 percent more of their income in the Black community in 1975 they would have created an additional 22,000 jobs. (Publisher Wayne Young often thinks about this article that he first read as a teenager.)
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
byron donalds

Two Black Republicans to Join Senator Tim Scott (R–SC) In Congress

Like an increasing number of Black representatives, both men will represent majority White districts. Owens district is 84 percent White, while Donalds' district is 86 percent White. However, unlike the vast majority of African people in the United States, both men proudly associate themselves with Donald Trump. Plus women, LGBQT, and Black incumbents also add to Congressional diversity.

POH Gambian Education Partnership Exceeds Fundraising Goal

We had planned the fundraising campaign to last six weeks and end Tuesday, December 1, Giving Tuesday. However, thanks to you, our readers, we reached our goal in five weeks.
woolly mammoth

Woolly Mammoth's "This Is Who I Am"

In "This Is Who I Am," an estranged father and son separated by continents reunite over Zoom. From their respective kitchens in Ramallah, Palestine and New York City they recreate a cherished family recipe and struggle to bridge the gap between them, one ingredient at a time. This play was uniquely made for the Zoom age.
woolly mammoth theatre


New virtual activities continue rolling out including several Christmas traditions and some are under "Christmas Specials," and Woolly Mammoth Theater presents its first made for the Zoom age theatrical production, "This Is Who I Am." If you have children aged 13 to 20 in Metro DC, you may want to check out the "Ethiopia in the City 2020-21," cultural immersion program under Cultural.
Onyema Ogbuagbu

Readers' Trends

History seems to be the greatest connection between our readers' top choices on each of our four platforms including the historic development of a COVID–19 vaccine and contributions of Nigerian born Onyema Ogbuagbu (pictured) in its development.
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