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January 3 – January 16, 2019
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I also created an activity called “Build a Gym,” a revamped version of capture the flag for my physical education class. So, how does these conversations of social awareness relate to physical education? My goals with "Fitness Bingo" and "Build a Gym" are to help facilitate mutual understanding between students and create an inclusive community where all are accepted.
over fifty male

If You're Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won't be Yours

It's steady work and, for that, Steckel, 62, is grateful. After turning 50, he was laid off three times before landing his current position in 2014, weathering unemployment stints of up to eight months.
ron simmons

Ron Simmons New HIV Prevention Project Turns to African Thought

Simmons based the eight-hour sexual health workshop on the Dagara's teachings of the Bodemé before the coming of Europeans, Christianity, and Islam.
amar group
sista joy

Sistah Joy, Prince George's First Poet Laureate, Has Creative Plans

"Sistah Joy is the voice and spirit of poetry in Prince George's County. She has consistently written and promoted poetry in Prince George's County for decades," affirmed Bowie State University English and Creative Writing Professor Yao Glover.
Oh God

"Oh, God"

While the setting is very easy on the eyes and comfortably perfect like a staged home ready for sale, and the dialogue is full of hilarious quips, the play is not for every one.
president obama

Charter Committee to Celebrate President Barack Obama Oratorical Contest

Today's high school students were toddlers or young children during the 2008 presidential campaign and historic election of Barack Obama.
port of harlem gambian education partnership
urban farmer


Skill Share w/Farmer Nell of City Weeds, The Day Harlem Saved Dr. King, Step Afrika! 25th Anniversary Celebration, CR Gibbs, Tech Talk 2019, and more.
sengelese museum

Readers' Trends

The article on the opening of the Musée des Civilisations Noires (Museum of Black Civilizations) in Dakar was a hit in the last issue across platforms and even landed Port Of Harlem on Lou Fields’ BDX Live Talk Show & Network on WOLB-AM (which airs every Thursday from noon-1p) , but see what you missed on Facebook.
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