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October 1 – October 14, 2015

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On The Dock This Issue:
3-d car   3-D Cars on the Road
The American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Summit featured a car that was largely made with a three-dimensional (3-D) printer.
    Art All Night Success – DC/Congress Heights
“The movie was a man’s fantasy,” playfully said one lady who watched House Maid.
    CR Gibbs on Pakistani Show
Zindagi 360, a fast-paced show aimed at young Pakistanis, featured Port Of Harlem’s Gibbs.
And I have not gotten that kind of rise from a play in a very long time.
    POHGEP –Thanks! – Last Day
We are short only $268.28 from our goal of $985.28.
Interesting, diverse things to do
    Readers' Trends
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3-D Cars on the Road

three d carThe American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Summit in Washington, DC featured a car that was largely made with a three-dimensional (3-D) printer.  While the car was a prototype, Local Motors already 3-D print some components of the vehicles and toys they sell.

Craig Blue, Chief Executive Officer at the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation in Knoxville, says 3-D printer technology will create new jobs.  “Being computer literate is the key,” to getting one of those new jobs, says Blue. 

He also predicts that the technology will create new “tool less” companies since it will be less expensive for startups to amass the tools and factory space needed to begin operation.

The Summit convenes leaders from across America’s industrial, academic, national laboratory, labor, and government communities to address promising opportunities to bolster American competitiveness by strengthening the nation’s energy and manufacturing ecosystems. The 3-D manufactured cars, for instance, will be more efficient to produce, transport from manufacture to consumer, and use labor more efficiently.

For More Information:

3D Printed Shelby Cobra automobile

DC Library has 3D printer demonstrations
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Art All Night Success – DC/Congress Heights
house maid“The movie was a man’s fantasy,” playfully said one lady who watched Bubacarr Jallow’s House Maid at the Humanities, Arts, and Technology Festival in Congress Heights, DC.  Her comments followed the clap of joy at the end of the movie by one male viewer. 

Other events in Congress Heights included the DC Muslim Writers Collective workshop and live performances by bands playing in the midnight air. 

The Congress Heights event was part of a city wide celebration, Art All Night. Other events took place in Dupont Circle, Shaw, North Capitol, and H Street, NE neighborhoods.  See photos from the citywide events on Instagram.

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CR Gibbs on Pakistani Show
Zindagi 360, a fast-paced lifestyle and entertainment show that the Voice of America aims at young Pakistanis, featured Port Of Harlem’s CR Gibbs on one of its recent broadcast. In addition to Pakistan, the show is also broadcast in parts of the Middle East and the United Kingdom and is available on the internet worldwide. The half-hour show reaches about a quarter of a million people.

Gibbs appears about 18 minutes into the show and guides the host to the Mary McLeod Bethune, African-American Civil War, and Martin Luther King memorials in Washington, D.C. On the VOA’s selection to have him guide the show’s host, Gibbs said, “I was pleased and honored.”

In addition to exposing people in Pakistan and India to African-American history, Gibbs used the opportunity to expose the show’s host to Vijaya Pandit. Gibbs added, off camera, “Vijaya Pandit was India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru's sister and a pioneering stateswoman. She became so deeply enmeshed in the civil rights movement that several African American organizations made her an honorary member and she became a devoted friend of Mary McLeod Bethune and other Black leaders.” .
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MetroStage has a new production, but it is not its usual serving of biographical sketches of dead Black entertainers. Uprising, by Gabrielle Fulton, now playing at MetroStage through Sunday, October 25 dynamically walks the fine line between entertainment, comedy, and drama with depth.

The uprising of patriot John Brown, including the story of Osborne Perry Anderson, the only surviving African American member of Brown’s raid on Harper Ferry, serves as the backdrop of the romance between Sal, played by Cynthia D. Barker, and Ossie, played by Anthony Manough. Via their courtship was an expose of Black aspirations versus Black compliance to the status quo. “Slavery is an institution that depends on our complacency,” Ossie argues forcibly.

However, in promotional materials, Fulton describes their ying/yang relationship as an exploration of self-determination versus sacrifice.

Nevertheless, Fulton tells a unique story. The only glaring reliance on the tried and true for drama and laughs was Fulton’s painting Ossie as a sweet talking dreamer and Sal as a woman who distrust Black men.

In a nutshell, Uprising opened with dancing and singing, but by intermission the storyline had gotten so tight, I was waiting for the intermission to end so I can see the outcome of the play. And I have not gotten that kind of rise from a play in a very long time.

Anderson’s body rest at National Harmony Memorial Park in the Columbian Harmony Section, 7101 Sheriff Road in Landover, Maryland. His life and the play could serve as backdrop for a Black history discussion group.

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POHGEP –Thanks! – Last Day
jamil soweWe are short only $268.28 from our goal of $985.28 and providing 16 full-year scholarships to nursery, elementary, and middle school students in the Gambia. The students attend Secca Memorial School or Latrikunda School.

POHGEP also works with Kotu Secondary School and during the Art All Night program eight of the students came online at Facebook to chat with Americans at the festival. With part of the grant money we won to conduct the program, they will receive $25 each to encourage them to maintain an interest in technology. They will have a lunch at their school with the past POHGEP Facebook Friends members. If you are part of a group that would like to participant in an organized chat with the Facebook friends, reply to this email with a message.

The Baobab Youth Development Association helps us administer the Latrikunda scholarships and they and Secca Memorial received the respective barrels of gently used cloths our readers donated. They will sell the clothes to raise funds for their programs. To get additional clothes from us, they must pay half of the shipping cost or $90. The goal is to help them become more entrepreneurial and have an opportunity to help themselves.

We need to raise the $268.28 by the end of today, Thursday, October 1. With a donation of $75, you will get a picture of your student and a letter during the holiday season. We also gladly accept any contribution in $5 multiples. You can donate by clicking the DONATE button below using a credit card or check via PayPal.

Note: We are short three male and one female scholarship.


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black memorabilia show
uprising at metro stage

Uprising at MetroStage

Metro Stage
1201 North  Royal Street
Alexandria, VA
Thru Oct 25, $55-$60

Toni Horne
The Art Dossier art exhibit
White Room
1240 9th Street, NW. Suite 200
Fri, Oct 2, 5p-9p, free

The Black Doll Show
Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center
Fri, Oct 2, 6p-9p
Sat, Oct 3, 11a-6p
Sun, Oct 4, 12p-6p,$

Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip
Sat, Oct 3, 10a-2p, $

Descendant's Day

African American Civil War Museum
1925 Vermont Avenue, NW
Sat, Oct 3, 10a-4p, free

6th Annual Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Half Marathon, 6k, and Kids’Mini Half

Sun, Oct 4, 7a, $

Kinderfest Watkins Regional Park
301 Watkins Park Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD
Sun, Oct 4, noon -5p, free, $ some activities

9th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration
Fort Lesley J. McNair
More than 50 exhibitors have signed-up to showcase low-cost technology solutions in the areas of: 1) power, 2) shelter, 3) water, 4) integrated combustion and solar cooking, 5) cooling/heating, 6) lighting, 7) sanitation, 8) information & communications technologies (ICT), 9) life support, and 10) logistics.
Tue, Oct 6-Fri, Oct 9, free

Million Man March
National Mall
Sat, Oct 10, free

CR Gibbs
African Americans in the Old West
Woodridge Interim Library
Wed, Oct 14, 7p, free

New York

The Fall of the Kings
Andrew Freedman Home
1125 Grand Concourse
Fri & Sat, 8p, Sun, 5p thru Nov 1, $

The Gin Game
starring James Earl Jones/Cicely Tyson
Golden Theater
252 W 45th St
Opens Wed, Oct 14, $

Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Swiss artist Not Vital on exhibit
Centro Cultural Paço Imperial
Thu, Oct 8 – Fri, Nov 27

London, UK
Rosa Parks Story Time
Upper Norwood Library
Tue, Oct 6, 3:15p-4:15p, free

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