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May 3 - May 16. 2014



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Book Review

Serving the People: Healing and Hope
Black Panthers Revisited

The 1960s often evoke a flood of emotions for many people. Two recently released powerful books expose elements of the Black Panther Party (BPP) that explore and explain part of this moving period: Alondra Nelson’s Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination ($24.95, University of Minnesota Press) and Jamal Joseph’s Panther Baby: A Life of Rebellion and Reinvention ($23.95, Algonquin Book).

Body and Soul provides a full portrait of the BPP’s medical services employed to alleviate the lack of preventive medical services for Black people. Concurrently, in Panther Baby, Joseph shares his memoirs as a young adult whose thirst for belonging resulted in his joining the BPP and ultimately serving time in prison. Together, these books move the superficial reviews of the BPP to the background and provide a platform for two distinct voices of “the people” the BPP sought to serve and protect.

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ivan brown realty

Port Of Harlem
Gambian Education Partnership Launches New Site

Since 2002, through Port Of Harlem magazine, readers, like yourself (or maybe even you) have donated more than $2,000 in scholarship funds for children at Nema Kunku Nursery School in The Gambia.

The magazine has now spawned off our charity efforts to the Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP), awaiting 501c status from the Federal government, and has launched its new website.

“The site includes a video and photographs of two schools and a community group in which POHGEP has a partnership,” says Ida Jones, a member of the POHGEP’s board of directors. “In addition, POHGEP also posted the panels from its West Africans in Early America exhibit on the colorful site,” added Jones, who visited Nema Kunku in 2007.

After the Federal government approves our charity status, POHGEP will began accepting new donations. Each scholarship is only $30 per year and provides a 3 through 6-year-old a nursery school education.

With the donation, the donator will receive a picture and note from the child. A new program will allow donators to make special donations, such as to a fund to replace the corrugated roof of the bantaba (Mandika for “meeting place”) at Nema Kunku, the corrugated roof at Secca Memorial Nursery school or the Baobab Youth Development Association. More information about each group and activity is on the site.

When a White Boy Wears a Hoodie & Other
Tryvon Martin Spawned Events

My son, however, can do all of these things without fear. He is White. He ‘belongs’ in that suburb. He looks like every other White kid in the area and a ‘neighborhood watch captain’ would easily dismiss his walking down the street as a normal, everyday occurrence. As would a police officer. As would the community.

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Election 2012

President Obama "Slow Jams" the News (Full Version) with Late Night host Jimmy Fallon.

Christian Pastor calls Mormonism a Cult, but Overlooks Christian Obama
The pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, the Rev. Robert Jeffress, tells The Associated Press that he still doesn't believe Mormons are Christians. But Jeffress says voters will have to choose between a Christian like President Barack Obama and a Mormon like Romney. He says the difference is that Obama embraces non-biblical principles while Romney embraces biblical principles like the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage.

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Black Republicans Fight Back
Just as groups such as the NAACP and The Color of Change celebrated their success at pressuring several corporations to discontinue their financial support of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), a Black group announced they were taking on ALEC’s efforts. The effort: the promotion of voter ID laws at the state level. The NAACP believes such efforts suppress non-White voting and is a throwback to Jim Crow laws that denied African-Americans the right the vote.

Georgia Retreats on Voting Access
A coalition of national voting rights groups have secured a landmark settlement with the State of Georgia to ensure that voter registration is offered to all public assistance applicants. Georgia has agreed to comply with Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which requires that public assistance agency clients be provided with the opportunity to register to vote every time they apply for or renew benefits, or when they submit a change of address. This includes instances where clients interact with the agency both in person and by remote means (by telephone, internet or mail, for example).

1-866-MY-VOTE-1 is a voter empowerment hotline that helps users register to vote, find their polling place, and report incidents at polls.

Obama Remembers Rosa Parks
President Barack Obama sits on the famed Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford Museum following an event in Dearborn, MI, April 18, 2012.

A Hilarious President Barack Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner (in its entirety).

Fidel Castro
Helped to Liberate Africa

Look at what just happened to Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Miami Marlins baseball team, who was made to issue a public apology for daring to utter favorable expressions about Fidel Castro. It is a glaring example of how some ethnic groups in America flex the strength of their cultural, economic and political muscle to ensure that their worldview and interests are respected by others. Guillen is a native of Venezuela and told Time magazine that “I respect Fidel Castro.”

As a result of the outcry from the Cuban-American community in south Florida, the Miami Marlins suspended Guillen for five games. Subsequently, Guillen held a press conference to express remorse for his comment.

Why are some people so passionate about their dislike for Fidel in 2012?

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The Truth about Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry

The United States Federal Trade Commission reiterated that despite the claims made in e-mails circulating on the Internet, consumers should not be concerned that their cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketers at any time in the near future. In addition, according to the agency, it is not necessary to register cell phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry to be protected from most telemarketing calls to cell phones.

However, U.S. cell and land phone users may call from their land and/or cell phones: 888-382-1222 to place the number in which they call from on the Do Not Call Registry (Internet Users can click the preceding link to register and/or verify a registration).


Things to Do

Think Like A Man, Act a Like a Woman
Movie Theaters

Congressional Black Caucus
Economic Recovery Forum

Wright Museum of African-American History
Detroit, MI
Sat, May 5, 8a-4p, free

A Project for the Arts by Brown Strokes on a White Canvas
(including artist Ken Gwira)
Damascus Community Recreation Center
25520 Oak Drive
Damascus, MD
Sat, May 5 11a-2p

Egypt on the Potomac Field Trips

Washington, D.C.
Sat, May 5, Jun 2, Sep 8, Oct 6, and Nov 3


Dedication of new Aquatorium Wing
Marquette Park
Gary, IN
Fri, May 11 5:30p-9p, $

Remembrance of Slavery Concert
UN General Assembly
New York, NY
Tue, May 15, 6:30p

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Black Memorabilia on the Market: Magnificent Montague Collection

Philip Merrill, POH Contributor and owner of Nanny Jack & Co., is promoting the purchase of “ an extraordinary collection of African American artifacts” that recently came on the market.

In a video, Merrill says Magnificent Montague, a pioneering DJ who helped to establish the genre of urban R&B music on the radio, amassed the collection over the past 50+ years .




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