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May 02 – May 15, 2024
wayne a young

Wayne A. Young vs. Wells Fargo

The most enduring insult that resulted from my recent split with Wells Fargo Bank was their sending me a survey questioning their service after they sent me a $1,318.41 fee for not adequately paying my $2,755 balance on time.

How Can I Make My Retirement Savings Last?

After decades of saving, it"s time to start spending once you enter retirement. But how much can you safely withdraw each year without needing to worry about running out of money? The answer is critical, as retirement can last 25 years or more these days, so you need a strategy that's built for the long haul.
The Young's Northern Indiana - Northern Indiana - Airbnb
Portrait of Henry Christophe, King of Haiti, by Richard Evans, 1816.

The Haitian Revolution and American Slavery

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802 that the fighting in Haiti "appears to have given considerable impulse to the minds of slaves in different parts of the US." Many uprisings in US states drew inspiration from Haiti. Haiti's is the only successful slave revolt in recorded human history. Image: Haitian King Henry Christophe I.

Manding Speakers Celebrated the Development of Their Own Script

During this year's virtual celebration, Foday Ceesay addressed some common misunderstandings about the N'ko script. He clarified, "The N'ko script is not here to compete with Arabic, English, or any other script. Its purpose is to empower our people to write and communicate in our language, a language that is often overlooked in the global linguistic landscape."
Khismet Wearable Art, Millee Spears
soda or pop

Drink Soda Every Day? Read This Before Your Next Sip

A new study published by the American Heart Association reveals a connection between artificially sweetened beverages, such as soda, and an increased risk of atrial fibrillation, or AFib.
Philliss Wheatley

The Society of the First African Families of English America Honorees

The Society of the First African Families of English America, in its annual conference held in the historically significant city of Philadelphia, honors heroes and legends whose lives have impacted history, culture, and the American way of life. Image: Senegambian–American Philliss Wheatley.
champion services travel - group travel


Art shows from Dakar to San Marino, and music performances from Houston and Memphis to DC and New York are on our list. Online, the Wilson Center is having a discussion on post-war Gaza. We hope to get to NW Indiana before Calumet Voices closes and wish we were in Gambia for the Ousman Gaku Peace Tournament at Tanji. 
obama real man

Readers' Trends

This simple image of Obama displaying his humanity also sparked an avalanche of hate on this post and another. It demonstrates that the Obama backlash is still alive and vibrates through Biden–Harris. Sadly, in our opinion, too many Blacks participate in the spreading of bad vibes.
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