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Feb 08 – Feb 21, 2024
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Name the NJ Town Booker T. Washington Co–Founded

Booker T. Washington, whose famous 1895 Atlanta Compromise speech is the basis of our series “Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are: Renovating IN Gary, IN" was an investor in the Equitable Industrial Association that built the town. 
arlo washington

Film on Early POH Podcasts Interviewee Nominated for an Oscar

The film is a short documentary that follows the story of Arlo Washington, who runs a barber college in Little Rock, Arkansas and a credit union dedicated to serving the Black community.
ivan brown realty
villareal johnson

DC Handcuffs Defund the Police and BLM Concepts

Despite the city’s seemingly distancing itself from the Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter aura, Villareal Johnson, a candidate to represent Ward 7 on the DC Council, expressed confidence that the council “knows no silver bullet will kill this werewolf.”

Female Strip Searches, An excerpt from Sojourner: A Journey Through America’s Women’s Prisons

So I hyped myself up with the thought of, “any woman who takes a job requiring her to look at anuses all day, well damn!” Next you're asked to face cops and spread open your vagina, so the CO can examine it carefully with once again, a flashlight.
bryan steveson

Bryan Stevenson Lawyer and Museum Founder (1959 – ) United States

Bryan Stevenson led the creation of two sites which opened in 2018, The Legacy Museum and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery. Coming Soon from Stevenson's EJI: Freedom Monument Sculpture Park.
Mayor Abdullah Hammoud

One Issue Arab Americans Seem Willing to Destroy the Democratic Coalition

Video of Republican Donald Trump, Former President of the United States and Current U.S. Presidential Candidate: “When I'm back t the Oval Office, we will cut off every penny of money that we send to the Palestinians and the terrorists on day one.”
paranormal sagas
christopher prince


In Prairie View, Jackson, Boston, and Newark,see The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) events under Health. It is our hope to see “Building a Mixed Race Community – People, Buildings and Sites of the Winton Triangle” by Marvin T. Jones in Glen Echo, MD; singer Christopher Prince (on cover) will be at Mr. Henry’s and The Sensational Sea Mink–Ettes is at Woolly Mammoth. Under Poetry, poetry, performance, and history lovers will want see Chicago Poetry Laurette avery r. young’s emmett (til de remix with Studio Revolt. 

Readers' Trends

No other article on our website has yet been able to topple CR Gibbs’ “The Mystery of Abubakari II's Voyage.” We were glad to help celebrate Harlem’s Apollo Theater’s 90th birthday; the 60–second film is exciting. The number one post on our Facebook page was not an image, but words.
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