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Apr 04 – Apr 17, 2024
cory armand

Three Young Renovators Who Are Rebuilding Their City

Cory Armand, Joseph Peterson, and Deena Johnson are rebuilding their city one house at a time. The trio of private investors has renovated more than 80 homes, more than the 48 the local government recently tore down in a neighborhood, and the 16 apartments in the city's downtown area.
silver coins

30 Pieces Of Silver

When cross–referencing these scriptures we find that not only did Judas betray Yeshua, but he added injury to the insult, by selling our Lord and Savior out for the meager price: "_______."
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samba baldhe

Rep. Samba Baldeh Announces Candidacy for Wisconsin State Senate

Samba Baldeh, who became the first Muslim and Gambian–American elected to the Wisconsin legislature and probably the first Gambian–American elected to any statehouse is running for a Wisconsin state senate seat. "Smile often, be a good listener, combined with hard work and compassion," are lessons he says he brought with him from the Smiling Coast of Africa.
dr sam

Traits African and Western Leaders Would Be Wise To Learn From Each Other

Dr. Sam Adeyemi, founder and executive director of the Lagos–based Daystar Leadership Academy and author of "Dear Leader: Your Flagship Guide to Successful Leadership," writes about the traits both African and Western leaders would be wise to learn from one another.

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mental health

Seven Ways To Support A Loved One's Mental Health

We shouldn't assume we know how others feel. While it takes courage to start a conversation with a loved one about their mental health, if it's done in a caring and non–threatening manner, it may open new doors for them.
eliizabeth warren

New U.S. Ultra–Millionaire Tax Act Proposed

"We could take Social Security and Medicare off the chopping block forever, and start to achieve a better balance of wealth and influence in the country," claims the bill's sponsors. This could be good news for millions of African Americans. Social Security is the only income of more than 33 percent of African American seniors.
Khismet Wearable Art, Millee Spears
DC Emancipation Day


Under Civics, find Silenced Perspectives: The Unequal Effects of Censorship Across Communities. The Bizarre Bazaar Festival April Edition opens in Nairobi and is listed under Festivals. The ADACI DC Emancipation Celebration will be in-person and on Facebook, and features CR Gibbs, check History. Under Young Adults, click the link to see the 2024 Children’s Africana Book Awards winners.
brandon scott

Readers' Trends

It was great to see the last issue do so well, with nearly half, 49 percent of our subscribers, opening the issue during the first two weeks after we released it. We normally get around a 45 percent opening, well above the 37 percent opening industry average. Our Instagram hit made us very, very proud. He is a mayor who will be in the news for months. Did you hear what he had to say that got the attention of many?
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