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Sep 07 – Sep 20, 2023

Diamonds Are Our Only Hope

The City of Diamonds, as Kimberley is known worldwide, has attracted people from near and far – – all pursuing the shining stone. Following the discovery of diamonds on a farm near Colesberg, not too far from Kimberley in 1871, approximately fifty thousand men dug what later came to be known as The Big Hole, between 1871 and 1914. (This is the first in a series of articles about Kimberley informal diamond miners.)
mathias de sousa

Mathias de Sousa

He served in the 1642 legislative assembly of freemen. As such. he is the first African American to sit in any legislative body in what would become the United States. Until 1670, even freemen of color such as de Sousa had the right to vote.
serbian church

Are You White Yet? The Black vs. Serbian American Experience

Historically, the immigrant Croats and Serbs competed with African Americans for jobs and inferior housing. However, they used their ability to dissolve into the American melting pot, whereas the masses of African Americans, who were born here, still struggle to get into the pot. In one of her books, Nell Irwin Painter describes the process of how several European subgroups, including the Irish, chased and caught whiteness.
Khismet Wearable Art, Millee Spears
save plan

How Does the SAVE Plan Work

Any former student with federal loans, regardless of income, may enroll in the SAVE plan, even if they've previously consolidated their federal loans. If someone has only private loans, they can't enroll in the SAVE plan. If you were already enrolled in the REPAYE plan, you would be automatically enrolled in the SAVE plan by October. Keep this in mind and consult with a tax professional before enrolling in the SAVE program – or any student loan repayment plan that offers forgiveness.
toilet paper

4 Questions You May be too Embarrassed to Ask Your Doctor

What we need to be conscious of is any changes in the frequency of bowel movements, as this can be a sign of an underlying issue.
wayne and cham
Short $802.47: Our Priority is to the 19 Students who have K–12 Scholarships

After a grand start, we will miss our September 11 deadline to raise $2,460 for the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership. We are now short just $802.47. Given our 21–year history, we know our readers will fill our coffers so that we can continue our programs on Africa's Smiling Coast, The Gambia.
woolly mammoth theatre
We remember


How Younger Voters Will Affect The Future Of American Politics in online Tuesday, see Civics; 2023 Forging Justice Commemoration Week is in Birmingham until Sat, Sep 16, the same day of the Festival de la Monarca (Monarch Festival) in East Chicago, IN; and My Mama and the Full-Scale Invasion is at Woolly Mammoth in DC.

Readers' Trends

Since we began publishing in 1995, readers have asked why publisher Wayne Young’s picture is never on the cover. The answer is simple: He ain’t Oprah. However, he is flattered that his image and his recalling how a saying of his grandfather’s fits the visit donald trump made to the Fulton County jail were our most popular of social media. See what you missed.
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