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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Aug 24 – Sep 06, 2023
black woman caged

Black Women Who Were Detained in Dubai Warn Others

"We have seen people pay $20,000 just to get their passport back," added Tierra Allen's attorney, United Kingdom– based Radha Stirling. Her London firm, Detained in Dubai, specializes in legal issues in the Middle East.
susana back

Susana Esther Baca de la Colina

Over the decades, Susana Esther Baca de la Colina traversed Peru, recording in rural areas to gather material from elderly singers with many of the songs having roots in enslaved communities.
gambia during the rainy season

Annual Gambia Fundraiser Garners Half of Goal in Two Weeks

With a very generous $1,000 donation from Michael Ricks of Wyoming, we raised more than 40 percent of our goal of $2,460. Then, with a donation of $90 from Donna Smith and $200 from Ronald Lewis, both of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, we are now at more than half of our goal. Wherever you are, we need your support now.
port of harlem gambian education partnership

Help Your Child Buy a Home

But it's important to consider your own financial plans, the risk of incurring unnecessary taxes, and if you have multiple children, fairness and family dynamics. Below, Tamara Costa outlines potential benefits and considerations of 4 common approaches.
tyrell anderson

Young Photographer Turned Preservationist Scores for the Hometown

Tyrell Anderson started the Decay Devils as a photography group that conducted urban explorations to other cities to take pictures. It was during a trip to New Orleans and Savannah that he began to change the scope of the group from “taking pictures, to taking action. It was his witnessing the preservation of buildings that aroused his desire to return home to Gary to preserve her pass.

Increasing Your Water Intake Can Help You Live Longer

Dr. Counts recommends at least 64 ounces of water a day for an adult. “Another helpful guideline for water intake is to take your weight in pounds and divide it in half to get the number of ounces you should be drinking per day,” she says.
airline desegregation


The George Floyd Quilts (Travelling Exhibit) opens in Gary; Paper Trails opens in Danville, CA; Comedian Corey Holcomb opens in Houston; Prostate Cancer Early Detection Screening - Understanding Today's Needs and Meeting the Challenges starts online Wed, Sep 6; and Central Park Summer Movies Tour are happening in New York. Left, hear how Charles Diggs fought for equal opportunities for Black Americans in aviation.
fani willis

Readers' Trends

CR Gibbs ranked with the number one article in the last issue and among web searchers who landed on our page. The American Deep South rules with an image of Howard University graduate and Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis on Facebook and a joke regarding topical pain relief product Bengay and the state of Florida on Instagram.
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