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Khismet Wearable Art, Millee Spears
Sep 21 – Oct 04, 2023

2023 Underground Railroad Free Press Prizes Announced

The Underground Railroad Free Press has named its 2023 Awardees. The prizes are the most esteemed honor bestowed in the Underground Railroad community. The prizes recognize and honor the most outstanding contributions to contemporary Underground Railroad work in three categories: leadership, preservation and advancement of knowledge.
queen nanny

Queen Nanny

As a result of Queen Nanny led victories against the British, two peace treaties were signed in 1738/39 granting the Maroons territorial sovereignty in their remote mountainous strongholds, including what is now the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. Queen Nanny is the only female among Jamaica’s seven national heroes.
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Solo Travel: Five Ways Traveling Alone Will Connect You with Places and People

In dreaming about travel, many people hesitate to make dreams into plans because it’s not easy to find the right companion. Timing and budget constraints, different tastes – all of these things can conspire to complicate the process of finding a travel partner. But what if the perfect companion was – – you?
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When Will Black Lives Matter to Black People?

Where’s the mass outcry among us over the more than 5,000 Black women and girls murdered across America from 2019–2021 alone? Where are the marchers and hell–raisers infuriated over the nearly 98,000 Black females listed as missing in 2022, according to the National Crime Information Center?
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The Times of Day You Really Shouldn't Check Your Phone

Avoid checking your phone at these times for mental, social and physical health:
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Donations from Wyoming to Accra, But We Are Still $310 Short

We are now just $400 short of our goal of raising $2,460 for the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership. However, giving our 21-year history, we know our readers will fill our coffers so that we can continue our programs on Africa’s Smiling Coast, The Gambia.
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We remember


If you have read about historian CR Gibbs and wonder why he is so popular, join us online for "Royal African Splendor: The Great Kingdoms of Kush and Axum," Fri, Sep 22, 7p. The Zoom link is under History. Muslims for Progressive Values 2023 Conference Day is Sep 30 in NYC. The 19th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit continues online. See upcoming events from Berlin to Richmond.
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Readers' Trends

Is it a man's world? For the past two weeks our readers across platforms favored stories featuring men from South Africa, West Africa, and America – – north and south of the Rio Grande. The geographic diversity makes us proud.
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