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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Oct 19 – Nov 01, 2023

Ena Re E Bitsa Kobo Ya Taemane / This We Call a Blanket of a Diamond

The "place of work" in this case, can be wherever hope resides. That is the hope to find a diamond, the shining stone that can fish out a man and his family from a life of want and lack overnight.
Mike Keen

Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are: Renovating IN Gary, IN

Howard Ways, an urban planner and educator based in Metro Washington, DC, supports Mike Keen's (of South Bend, IN) objectives but adds that his major concern is that people don't often separate economic gentrification from cultural gentrification.
Sebastián Lemba

Sebastián Lemba (I of II)

Today, Dominicans revere Lemba as a national hero, and a statue of him stands outside of the Museo del Hombre Dominicano (Museum of the Dominican People) in the capital city, Santo Domingo.
ivan brown realty
from these shores

Call for Artist – New Gambian Project

The Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP) is looking for 10 artists who did not work on our last project with the Juffereh Slavery Museum in Juffureh, North Bank, The Gambia.
Jayden Holmes

Go–Go Music Took Center Stage at the World Cultural Festival D.C.

"So, it was only fitting that the first time the World Cultural Festival took place in the U.S., it opened with the sounds of Go–Go to pay homage to genre and culture of its home city," said Danette "Dani" Tucker, CEO of Go–Go Fitness LLC.
two ladies talking

Words Matter: How to Communicate About Mental Illness

Monica Jones, a nurse practitioner, says to help everyone involved, the key is to see people first and not their diagnosis. And not saying anything at all and avoiding a person with a mental illness all together can be even more troublesome.
The Young's Northern Indiana - Northern Indiana - Airbnb
Eriq La Salle


The link to get four free at-⁠home COVID–⁠19 tests is under COVID; Eriq La Salle is having a book signing and Chester Higgins a photography showing in New York City; Up Jump The Boogie, a dance performance, takes place in Cheverly, MD.
israel 1947

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We are glad that many subscribers found our new series: Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are: Renovating IN Gary, IN informative and inspiring. An image from Gary was also number one on our Instagram page. A CR Gibbs' article remains number one on the web page. See what map representing a discussion about national boundaries was a hit on POH Facebook.
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