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May 04 – May 17, 2023
sabata-mpho mokae

Sabata–mpho Mokae, Pridefully Keeping His Language Alive

Sol Plaatje was the first Black South African to write an English novel and the first African to translate Shakespeare into an African language, Setswana. He also exchanged letters with WEB Du Bois. As Sabata–mpho Mokae burnishes his reputation as the “go–to” person on Sol Plaatje, he releases his new novel in their language, Setswana.
lindsey johnson with Diahann Carroll

No Black Memorabilia Show Spring 2023

Lindsey Johnson, producer of the National Black Memorabilia, Fine Art & Craft Show, made his transition. Information about his passing is incomplete. Plans for a memorial service are in the conversations of many. We will make future announcements on the Black Memorabilia page and in Port of Harlem. Image: Johnson with the late Diahann Carroll.
blacks for trump

Five Elections – Where an Enraged Black Male Community Could Have Made a Difference

Five of the House elections in 2022 were in districts where an enraged Black male community could have made a huge difference and put Democrats in control at 218–217. Is it time to have that talk?
champion services travel - group travel
emergency funds

Is It Time for You to Get a COVID Booster?

Yes, for immunocompromised individuals, at least two months after the initial bivalent dose. Additional doses of the vaccine will be available to immunocompromised patients at the discretion of health professionals. Port of Harlem contributor Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr. clarifies the other recommendation.
national civil rights museum

National Civil Rights Museum Hosts Catalyst for Change Panel on Building Black Wealth

"Before his death, Dr. King emphasized the dignity of labor and economic empowerment for all through his plans for the Poor People's Campaign," said Dr. Russ Wigginton, National Civil Rights Museum President. On April 27, The Museum hosted a hybrid discussion, "Building Black Wealth: Past, Present, and Future," to highlight the history of structural racism and systems that create wealth disparities between Black Americans and other communities.

How to Balance Debt, Saving, and Investing

No matter what other financial priorities you have, always be sure to make at least the minimum payments on all debt, on time. Step 2. Once you're meeting your minimum obligations, it's time to build some reserves.  
port of harlem gambian education partnership
Kehinde Wiley


Americans are traveling again; if in San Francisco before Oct 15, you may want to see Kehinde Wiley: An Archaeology of Silence (pictured). Aviva Travel is journeying into Alabama's Black History in June and Greece in October, Black History and Culture Stitched into Quilts happens May 20 and 21 in Metro DC, and the Afro Latin Film Festival takes place in Connecticut in June.
homeless dreams

Readers' Trends

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and look who we honored and our Instagram followers greatly approved. If you are on Facebook, please go to our page and make sure you have liked us and are following us on Instagram.
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