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Apr 20 – May 03, 2023
south africa business trip

Champion Services Travel's South African Business and Pleasure Trip

Travelers and traveler/entrepreneurs will depart from Liberty Airport in Newark, New Jersey. In addition to visiting Johannesburg and Cape Town, CST will tour Pilanesberg Safari and Victoria Falls. Participation in the business trade mission exchanges are not mandatory and free.
Khaled Esseissah

Tunisia Reveals African Fissures and Threatens African Unity

At a meeting of the National Security Council, the Tunisian president added, “The undeclared goal of the successive waves of illegal immigration is to consider Tunisia a purely African country that has no affiliation to the Arab and Islamic nations.” Panelist Khaled Esseissah (pictured), a University of Wisconsin-Madison assistant history professor, explained the ethnic nuances of North Africa by telling his personal story.
harlelm hops

Harlem Hops Opens in NYC’s Market 57 – The Mukase Restaurant in Bolingbrook, IL

The worst of the COVID pandemic seems to be over as food and drink establishments that survived the pandemic begin to expand. Two of the businesses include Harlem Hops in New York City and Mukase Restaurant in Chicago.
Mosaic Theater
emergency funds

How Much to Save for Emergencies

It's a great reminder that there's a lot out there that can upset your plans, so it makes sense to prepare for the unexpected with an emergency fund. An emergency fund is cash you keep in reserve for a serious unexpected predicament like a job loss or a catastrophe that isn’t covered by insurance.
unseen at mosaic theater

Oh, Now I See the Unseen

Unseen is no comedy. I wrote the play to “catalyze conversation,” says playwright Mona Mansour in the short opening monologue. The 90–minute play is about conflict photographer Mia (Katie Kleiger)and how she and her family work through the physical and mental dangers of her work.

The Nosebleed: An Autobiography of Painful Childhood and Parental Experiences

As the story closes, Aya and her mother confront her father’s death. While preparing his remains, she asks the audience to use the pencil and paper provided to write about a significant experience with their parents. 
woolly mammoth theatre
smokey robinson


In DC, Unseen at Mosaic and Nosebleed at Woolly Mammoth closes Sun, Apr 23. Our latest podcast with Bible student and teacher, and paranormal saga author EJ Brock in now available. The 4th Annual Africa Business Conference takes place in Baltimore and festivals in Kingston, Abuja, and DC. Hike the Freedom Trail in Chicago and see Smokey Robinson in Gary.
justin pearson

Readers' Trends

Our readers were divergent again on their favorites by platform. “I’m honored to be representing all of Indiana, especially Gary,” says Ray Uriel on “The Voice” and posted on Facebook. We now have more than 7,146 Facebook followers, join us and invite a friend now.
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