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Feb 09 – Feb 22, 2022
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The Debt Ceiling, Social Security and You

As the US debt ceiling talks walk toward center stage, so has talks on whether to cut Social Security payments, payments which 46 percent of African Americans rely on for more than 90 percent of their retirement income.
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Olaiya Temitope Templer, News Editor at The Guardian Newspapers, Nigeria - Talks Nigerian Elections

Nigerians are expected to have run-off elections after going to the polls February 25 to elect a new president and vice president, senators, and representatives says Olaiya Temitope Templer, News Editor at The Guardian Newspapers, Nigeria, on POH Podcast.
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What’s Behind the Attack on Black history? Fear, of Course

The College Board’s decision has effectively erased broad swaths of history, dropping topics such as Black Lives Matter, which is now central to the modern civil rights movement; reparations for slavery, and queer theory — a double-whammy that attacks both Black people and LGBTQ Americans — who also are Black.
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California Reparations Task Force Agrees to Extend Its Work to 2024

The California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans decided at the two-day meeting on the campus of San Diego State University that it would support legislation that extends the panel until July 1, 2024.
bars and measures play scene with the two brothers and the guard looking on

Bars and Measures Doesn’t Miss a Beat

Whenever tensions between the brothers reach a boiling point over guilt/innocence, family upbringing, American politics in the Middle East, or the tenets of classical music verses jazz, they quickly revert to their passion for music and turn the scene to bebopping and rhythmic cadets before embracing until the next visit.
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Parton and Warick New Duet Due Feb 24

Musical legends Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick are having their first ever collaboration with their recording of a gospel duet entitled ‘Peace Like A River,” which Parton wrote and Damon Elliott, Waricks’ son/manager, produced.
woolly mammoth theatre
black women with white skin


The 9th Annual Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Festival happens in Thomasville, GA at The Jack Hadley Black History Museum; Under Human Diversity, we added “A Black Woman with White Skin Struggles To Fit In With Society;" (pictured) The next Black Saturdays CO-OP and Farmers Market is Feb 18 in DC; and Under Young Adults, see Global Read Webinar Series - The Kaya Girl.
African women of many colors include an albino

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