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Mar 23 – Apr 05, 2023
black male teacher teaching

More Black Men are Needed in the Classroom, Diversity Advocates Say

Just 1.3 percent of American public school teachers were Black men in the 2020–21 school year, according to the National Teacher and Principal Survey. That school year, White women made up 61 percent of public school teachers. Black children, meanwhile, accounted for 15 percent of public school students in the fall of 2020.
elizabeth banks, md

Young Black Women in STEM Discuss Their Real Life Experiences with the CRT Term: Intersectionality

Four young Black women in STEM talked about being the intersection of being Black and female as they travel life's road. Former Port of Harlem editor Elizabeth Banks, MD (pictured) added that also being young has its challenges, but "being a woman that is able to help other women is magical to me." Critical Race Theory legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw is often credited with coining the term intersectionality which she created as "remedial education for judges."
jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter: Ushered In Solar Age, Introduced U.S. to Energy Conservation & Protected Alaska

The wins President Carter scored for the environment have helped him go down as one of the greenest presidents in history. But after a series of eco–unfriendly presidents, what remains of his environmental legacy today?
anthony driver designs 202-400-6140
human composting

Illinois Considers Legalizing End–of–Life Human Composting

This process turns human remains into dirt over the course of several weeks.
precious forman

Poem: Shooting Star

15–year–old Precious Foreman of Landover, MD was named the 2023 Youth Poet Laureate for Prince George's County, Maryland USA and shares with our readers one of her poems.
door of no return book cover

Children's Book Review: Door of No Return

The importance of friendships, community, issues relating to European colonialism and the slave trade in Africa are just a few of the many topics Kwame Alexander addresses. What he does so well is present the humanity of the enslaved by telling their version of events prior to being captured, sold, and treated like lesser than.
ivan brown realty
black swimmers


Tony Browder gives an ASA Restoration Project update online. We added Ugandan Pastress Aggie About Her Ministry as a Transgender Pastor and SNCC Digital Gateway under Human Diversity. The WIZ Dansical plays in DC, Tina Turner Musical in Chicago, the Travel Show opens in Atlanta, and Pool: A Social History of Segregation? in Philadelphia (pictured).
carl heyward wall paiinting

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