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April 21 – May 04, 2022
karina esau

The Incredible Quest to Preserve a Dying South African Language

The Nluu language was the only language that Queen Katrina Esau and her siblings understood and knew. It was their mother tongue. They tried to protest, but the farmer threatened to shoot them if they were caught speaking the language. Esau recalls the farmer telling them that their language sounded horrible and ugly and should never be spoken around White children on the farm.
louise young

How One Family Faced a Medical Crisis Across the Miles

Adjustments were made, but our first immediate family crisis (in circa 1998) tested our ability to handle problems across the miles.Well, it may have added 24 additional years to mom's life – 24 years to happily sit on her porch.

Maggie Louise Hearon Young, Friday, May 31, 1929 (Forrest City, AR) – Saturday, April 16, 2022 (Gary, IN).


Is Climate Change Making My Allergies Worse?

Pollen may be an unfortunate contributor to poor health in the first place, but there are signs that this nuisance will become worse. Warm weather contributes to an uptick in pollen count, and air pollution can concentrate it.
paranormal sagas">
covid shot

After Covid–19,Experts Say Watch for These Potential Heart And Brain Problems

Studies are spotting potential heart and brain problems up to a year after infection with SARS–CoV–2, even in people who had mild COVID–19.
africans with masks

Over Two–Thirds of Africans Exposed to Virus Which Causes COVID–19

The continent differentiates itself from other regions by its high number of asymptomatic cases, with 67% of cases having no symptoms. Research suggests about 10% to 20% of people experience mid–or long–term issues from COVID–19, according to the World Health Organization.
sista joy

U.S. National Poetry Month – April

Featuring Joy "Sistah Joy" Matthews Alford, Prince George's County, MD USA Poet Laureate; and Diana Ferrus, artist, author, and poet of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
sacred nile


Now Available: Chester Higgins, author and photographer of Sacred Nile, on Port Of Harlem Talk Radio, Olney Theatre Center for the Arts is offering several history related programs, celebrate National Poetry Month at Arts'tination in National Harbor, and under “Race” see “Episode 11: Black & Latin: Racism Within.”
easter hair

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The last issue produced a rare case where the lead story did well, but was not your first choice. See what your first choice was along with the first choice of all those who visited our web, Facebook, and Instagram pages. The number one post on Facebook made many folks reminisce and laugh.
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