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Jun 2 – Jun 15, 2022
image of monkeypox

Monkeypox Virus Disparities: Here We Go Again

Oyewale Tomori, a Nigerian virologist who sits on several WHO advisory boards, said releasing smallpox vaccines from the agency’s stockpile to stop monkeypox from becoming endemic in richer countries might be warranted, but he noted a discrepancy in WHO’s strategy. (Read why we used this image.)
The Wyatts

Heroine Nanny Helen Burroughs Celebrated

Colonel James Wyatt (pictured) was on his way to the historic Langston Golf Course, when the three-times a week golfer became quizzical upon “seeing a street named after a woman.” So, he asked his golfing buddies who was she. “The best answer they could give me was that she had started a school in Northeast DC.”
africa travel backpack

How to Save Money on Travel

Smart changes in how you book and travel can make getting away more affordable. Read on for 9 tips on how to travel for less.
mike jones state farm
lena richards

The Black Creole Chef Who Paved the Way for Food TV

In 1949 — more than a decade before Julia Child’s television debut — a boisterous Creole chef put on a cook’s uniform and made history. That was the year New Orleans NBC affiliate WDSU aired the first of many episodes of “Lena Richard's New Orleans Cook Book.”
lithium affects people in Native nation like this one

Is Our Reliance On Lithium Ruining The Environment?

How much environmental degradation can be tolerated locally in the name of conservation globally has led to debates in places as far-flung as Chile, Serbia and Arizona. Indigenous communities often bear the brunt of the damage, and political leaders have typically given little weight to their concerns.
fred mckinney

New Study: Minority Fronts Are Clogging Supply Chains, Taking Business From Legitimate Firms

The study defines these “front” companies as minority passthroughs where minority and women entrepreneurs are paid a commission to bill large corporations. But the bulk of the revenue goes to White-owned and public companies.
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claudia jones by Kevin Trent, Jr


On our podcast, we talk with culinary artist Roberta Nina Sebode Brown Cooper. Under Art, you will find two upcoming webinars. The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 White Nationalist coup attempt is June 9. The Brookings Institute tackles The Global Rise of White Supremacist Terrorism online June 10 and from the UK, Repairing Histories 1: Claudia Jones (pictured) And Marcus Garvey is online Jun 11. The Harlem Chamber Players have two in-person concerts in NYC.
danny glover and prom date

Readers' Trends

The story behind this picture of Danny Glover and his prom date stole the heart of many of our Facebook readers. People have asked why our publisher’s picture is never on the cover. The response: He ain’t Oprah. Well, we broke that 27-year streak with the last issue and you made that story number one.
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