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December 15 - December 28, 2011


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Blacks and the Sport of Kings

c r gibbsThe recently completed 2011 Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horseracing (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes races) is the zenith of American horsemanship. In the rarefied air of American sporting events, only the World Series (baseball) and Super Bowl (football) come close to matching its significance. However, neither have deeper, older roots in history. Also, one can associate the level of difficulty of winning the Triple Crown by knowing that no horse has won all three races since 1978.

This year, Americans were excited as oddsmakers were enthusiastically chattering about the possibility of a female jockey, Rosie Navpravnik, winning at the track. Not in the news was Maryland State Delegate Emmett C. Burns’ comments. While speaking specifically about the Preakness, which Maryland hosts, he caused a brief lamp to be held to one of horse racing's most uncomfortable secrets: the absence of Black jockeys in big time races. Burns revealed that the wildly popular University of Arizona's race track program has graduated only one Black since 1991 and that the racial makeup today in the major horse races is quite different from years ago when Black riders dominated the sport and won large prizes for White owners.

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BZB In Essence

The January issue of Essence, with Queen Latifah on the cover, features a spread on Juanita “BZB” Britton’s weight loss surgery and experience.

bzb in ghana

Gentrification Hits Again

Unitees has moved from 6th and Rhode Island, NE, near the center of Washington, D.C., to its edges at 5776 2nd Street, NE - - another sign of regentrification. Yes, “our landlord raised the rent,” says Darrell Johnson, who co-owns the company with his brother Aaron. Noting the positive, Darrell added, “Our new space is more structured and less like a warehouse. The new space will allow us to departmentalized our operation. 
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Election 2012

Occupy Washington Open to More Non-Whites Occupy Washington is holding camp in two locations in the nation’s capitol: McPherson Square and Liberty Plaza, across for the District Building. Every day they hold their general meeting, similar to a town council meeting, at 6p. Every one present is allowed to participant and every one plays a part in passing bills by consensus. MORE ELECTION 2012 Giving Everyone a Fair Shot - The President in Kansas Interactive Timeline: Ending the War in Iraq How Much More You Will Pay In Taxes, If Congress Does Not Extend the Payroll Tax Cut PETITION: Stop holding the payroll tax cut hostage to Tea Party demands

On-Line Shows |Lowe’s Pullout from Muslim-Friendly Show

Little Mosque on the Prairie

While Lowe's pulled its ads from a reality show about American Muslims, saying the show became a "lightning rod" for controversy, Little Mosque on the Prairie is a situation comedy based in more tolerant Canada and is available on the web. Though Little Mosque is not terribly funny, it’s uniqueness makes it worth at least taking a peak.

Meanwhile, African-American Russell Simmons is filling in some of the gap with financial support by buying air time on Little Mosque. “This can’t happen in America; (Lowe’s) needs to fix this immediately,” the hip-hop mogul told Entertainment Weekly, calling the move Islamophobic. “They can't get away with that, it’s ridiculous. There are American principles at stake here. I can’t imagine the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, the National Urban League or any organization that fights for their own rights will allow this to happen to any other group because they know they're next.”

The Strange Thing That Happened
to the Johnsons

The 30-minute The Strange Thing That Happened to the Johnsons is not for the faint of heart. I had to watch it in several, short segments, but the story is very imaginative and creatively unpredictable. Many will call the show very twisted, but giving the recent Penn State sexual scandals, we know everything is not always rosy on Main Street.

This segment has become as memorable to me as the very bizarre movie Children of the Damn. However, unlike Children of the Damn, the cast members are Black - - and while some Blacks will balk at Blacks playing in such unsanitized roles or that the producer is non-Black, it’s refreshing to see Blacks play in none race-based roles. After all, we are fully human, too and capable of doing things stereotypically reserved for European Americans (remember the Washington Snipper?).

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port of harlem events

Millée Spears of
Khismet Wearable Art

millee spearsMillée Spears has been a resident of Historic Anacostia for the last 14 years and has been designing wearable art for most of her life. “I am inspired by indigenous, hand-worked textiles from diverse cultures, and I also hand-paint, bead and appliqué to create unique, one of a kind pieces,” she says. Her specialties are wedding gowns and special occasion clothing. Spears reveals her December collection at the Creative Content Artisans Style Group Holiday Shopping at the Blank Space Gallery. “The collection will consist of comfortable, interesting, pieces that I designed to provoke thought and conversation,” she added.

Job Searching?

  • A Southeast Lawyer Seeks an
    Office Manager
    The office manager will work in the two-person office often alone and with very little direction. Therefore, the successful candidate must know basic office operations and able to quickly learn the specific operations of this office to become a successful employee for this firm.

  • Send your resume to this magazine, an we will forward it to the law office.
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Things to Do

Kwanzaa Activities

Camp Kwanzaa
Panorama Room
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
1600 Morris Road, SE
Reservations: 202-633-4844
Wed, Dec 28, 10:30a

A Kwanzaa Celebration
Panorama Room
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
1600 Morris Road, SE
Reservations: 202-633-4844
Thu, Dec 29, 10:30 - noon

Kwanzaa Arts Workshop
Panorama Room
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
1600 Morris Road, SE
Reservations: 202-633-4844
Fri, Dec 30 10:30a-12:30p
Fri, Dec 30 1:30p-3:30p

New York City
Kwanzaa Celebration: Regeneration Night
Apollo Theater
Harlem, NY
253 W 125th Street
Fri, Dec 30, 7:30p
$16, group rates via Ticketmaster

2011 Capital City Kwanzaa Festival
Sat, Dec 31, 1p-9p
The Showplace
3000 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Richmond, VA

Other Events

Duke Ellington School of Arts Show Choir
A Gospel and Motown Christmas Concert
3500 R Street, NW
Washington, DC
Thu, Dec 15 & Fri Dec 16, 7:30p, $15

136th Birthday of Dr. Carter G. Woodson
Shiloh Baptist Church
9th and P Streets, NW
Washington, D.C.
Mon, Dec 19, 6p-8p, free

SaiGobe Benefit Dance and Party
Featuring World African Music
(Soca, Salsa, Cumbia, Soul, R&B, etc.)
1700 Powder Mill Road
Silver Spring, MD
Fri, Dec 23, 8p-2p, $25

An Evening with Free & Ivy
Life | Music | Art | Healing
Celebrating Winter Solstice
The B Spot
1123 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
Fri, Dec 23, 7p

Mt. Airy Marketplace @ 7165 Lounge
7165 & 7137 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA
through Sat, Dec 24
Every Fri, Sat & Sun 10a-7p, free

BZB Gift Show
Shiloh Baptist Church
9th and P, NW
Washington, D.C.
Sat, Dec, 17
and Fri, Dec 23
10a-7p, free


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