October 13 - October 27, 2010


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Living Colour’s Will Calhoun at NGS

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A legend in the music world and most recognized as the drummer for the rock band Living Colour, Will Calhoun has earned praise for his fearless explorations of jazz, hip-hop, and world music. All About Jazz called the two-time Grammy Award winner’s solo album, Native Lands, “proof that living in a diversity of musical worlds can create its own focus.” In this special evening, Calhoun will perform with a jazz ensemble of special guests and will also participate in a conversation about percussion in the natural world.

The NGS presents Calhoun in conjunction with the National Geographic Museum exhibition Wild Music –  which stays open until 7:15p (concert starts at 7:30p).

Saturday, 10/23/10, 7:30p
National Geographic Center
17th and M Streets, NW | Washington, D.C.
Regular price = $20
Port of Harlem Price = $16

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Free Parking: Event parking is free for all programs starting at 6pm or later on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Enter garage on M Street, between 16th and 17th. Garage closes 30 minutes after conclusion of event.

Need Accessible Seating, call 202-857-7700.



Blacks with Muscular Dystrophy Die 10-12 Years Younger than Whites

African Americans with muscular dystrophy die 10 to 20 years younger than their White counterparts, according to research published in a recent issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

The Black-White mortality gap, which was calculated on the basis of 20 years of data, is among the largest ever observed in the annals of research into racial disparities in health care, say Dr. Nicte Mejia and Dr. Rachel Nardin, coauthors of the editorial. “Furthermore,” they write, “White patients with MD [muscular dystrophy] enjoy increasing survival, while survival of Black patients with MD barely budges,” leading to an ongoing widening of that gap.

Muscular dystrophy is a group of inherited muscle diseases that lead to early death due to respiratory or cardiac failure. Various types of MD affect about 50,000 Americans.

“Inequities in the health delivery system – and the multiple ways in which race constrains access to care – seem the most likely explanation for the observed MD Black-White mortality gap,” Mejia and Nardin write in their editorial. But they add that inadequate access to care due to lack of good quality health insurance may also be part of the picture.


Health Care Reform and You


According to the U.S. government, health reform makes health care more affordable, holds insurers more accountable, expands coverage to all Americans and makes our health system sustainable.  

See the White House's Informative Video

Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure ($13.99) was written and illustrated by a young, Black male now attending Morehouse College and that along got my attention. The story was a bit too long, but imaginative.


Preaching With Sacred Fire: African American Sermons 1750 to the Present ($45) edited by Martha Simmons and Frank A. Thomas. What an incredible book! This book embodies the spirit of Pan-Africanism and inclusion with more than 100 sermons by a well-rounded group ranging from Vashti Murphy McKenzie (the first female bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church) to Peter Gomes (a theologian at Harvard University's Divinity School who is openly gay and whose parents are from Cape Verde, West Africa) - - - from Christian Martin Luther King to Muslim Louis Farrakhan.

Your Vote Counts - All the Time!


In Maryland Governor’s Race 2010   - The Polls Say:

  • Among White voters, Bob Ehrlich leads Martin O'Malley, 54 percent to 40 percent.
  • Among Black voters, Martin O’Malley leads Bob Ehrlich, 83 percent to 9 percent.
  • Among ALL voters, with extreme strong support from Blacks, Martin O'Malley leads Bob Ehrlich, 52 percent to 41 percent

In the United States Presidential Race 2008

  • 95% of Blacks voted for President Obama
  • 67% of Hispanics voted for President Obama
  • 63% of Asians voted for President Obama
  • 43% of Whites voted for President Obama




See Election Poll Updates

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NAACP Asks for Your Pledge to Vote:
According to the United States Census Bureau, only 69 percent of African Americans are registered ti vote, compared to 75 percent of non-Hispanic Whites, a disparity that Ben Jealous of the NAACP finds unacceptable. “Our goal is to register every last voter, to verify every last voter, to mobilize every last voter, and to protect the rights of every last voter by ensuring that every last vote is counted,” said Jealous. Now is your chance to make good on this promise. Commit to Get Out The Vote!

The President Asks for Your Pledge to Vote:

Please commit to vote this fall (click here)
Thank you,
President Barack Obama


River Arts Festival - Memphis, TN

The annual (Mississippi)l River Arts Festival takes place Saturday, October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th 2010. See, hear, feel and taste art in all its forms, and become part of the moment as it all melds seamlessly with the sights, sounds and historical reverence of the South Main Arts District.

Acts 7:22

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, Martin Robison Delany (May 6, 1812 – January 24, 1885) published The Mystery. On the paper’s masthead, he chose the Biblical scripture, “And Moses was learned in all his wisdom of the Egyptians” (Acts 7:22), to remind readers of the West’s dependence on African culture.


Chuck Brown on NPR

Chuck Brown, the "godfather of the go go sound," recently took over NPR Tiny Desk concert series with his 12-person band, playing a raucous set that was attended by over 100 staffers.  Brown played old hits as well as some tracks from 'We Got This,' out now on Raw Venture, his new 3-disc set (live CD/DVD, 5-song disc of new material).


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