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April 29 - May 12, 2010

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Michelle Obama on Motherís Day

“It could be fried chicken ... fried chicken and french fries or greens or macaroni and cheese,” responded America’s first lady Michelle Obama to the question on how her family will celebrate Mother’s Day. In the May 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping, the Chicago South Side native also talks about overcoming her fears, keeping her marriage close, and raising kids.

Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.

Are Recent Black Immigrants "African-Americans?"

black immigrants 

A new documentary, The Neo-African-Americans, explores Black immigrant identities and the changing social dynamics in the United States. Reports by the U.S. Census Bureau captures these changes by revealing that there are more than three million foreign-born Blacks in America. With growing Black immigrant populations; from Somalis in Minnesota, to Dominicans in New York, to Haitians in Miami, to Nigerians in Texas; the very term "African-American" has become contentious.

"We need to recognize and embrace the reality that though there are many ties that bind us, there is no universal Black experience or expression,” says the film’s maker, Kobina Aidoo. Through interviews with social scientists, activists, and members of immigrant groups, The Neo-African-Americans captures the major issues emerging from Black immigration: ethnic labeling, education, culture, Black-on-Black tensions, and affirmative action, among others.

Aidoo sees these issues play out in a variety of ways. "Take education: We hear a lot about the racial achievement gap, but when you isolate African immigrants, for instance, you see some surprising numbers.

Aidoo, a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, considers himself a public policy analyst with a camera. He was struck by the depth of emotions, rawness of passions and complexity of answers he uncovered: One interviewee responded, "I'm more Haitian-American than African-American but more American than Haitian."

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Build/Renovate Your Own Castle IV

Port Of Harlem magazine hosts Build/Renovate Your Own Castle IV, Saturday, June 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the exquisite Honfleur Gallery, 1241 Good Hope Road, SE. During the free seminar homeowners and future homeowners will mingle and learn from experts on how to make their home their castle. Leading the series of five short discussions is architect Genell Anderson of the AMAR Group. Anderson, who TV’s This Old House (Program #2519) recently featured, speaks on “What You Must Know about Building in the City.”

build renovate your own castleInteractive discussions will continue with mortgage consultant Noel Shepherd on “Where Can I Get the Money?,” contractor Jabah Nash on “Save Energy. Save Earth. Save Money.”), art collector and dealer Barry Lester of Attitude Exact Gallery on “Collecting Art to Beautify Your Walls and Benefit Your Pocket,” and design principals Sherry Ways and Susan Featherstone-Schemm of Design Scheme Interiors on “How to Design a Beautiful Space.”

Chief Greg of The Secret Ingredient will provide refreshments and a taste of Grilled Moroccan Chicken on Skewers that Port Of Harlem features in the May – October 2010 print issue. Participants can also make arrangements before the event to visit homes for sale in Anacostia after the event with Ivan Brown Realty or Anacostia River Realty.

Click here to set-aside one of the 40 available seats. And additional 20 standing-room spaces are also available. Reach Port Of Harlem at 202-583-3438 for further information.

The Line-Up of Presenters and Topics

  • Architect Genell Anderson – “What You Must Know about Building in the City”
  • Mortgage consultant Noel Shepherd – “Where Can I Get the Money?”
  • Contractor Jabah Nash – “Save Energy. Save Earth. Save Money”
  • Art collector and dealer Barry Lester of Attitude Exact Gallery  – “Collecting Art to Beautify Your Walls and Benefit Your Pocket”
  • Design principals Sherry Ways and Susan Featherstone-Schemm of Design Scheme Interiors – “How to Design a Beautiful Space”
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Motherís Day Sale and Show

Cindy Williams, fashions and home designs; Denise Goring, wearable art; Millee Spears, wearable art; Russell Simmons, fine art; and Idriys Abdullah, leather and jewelry, are hosting a Mother’s Day sale Saturday, May1 from noon to 8p at 6025 North Dakota Avenue in Washington, D.C.

King Shaka International
Airport Opens

King Shaka International Airport opens May 1 in Durban, South Africa. South Africa named the airport after the legendary Zulu monarch. The new airport replaces the existing Durban International airport.

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champion services travel - group travel

Katie Washington became the first African-American to become the University of Notre Dame’s valedictorian in the schools 161-year history. The Gary (Indiana) West Side Senior High School graduate will present the valedictory address during commencement exercises in May in South Bend, Indiana.

Washington told the (Gary) Post-Tribune, "This just means a lot of things to a lot of people.  All I did was try to be the best person I can be,  and it's impacted the lives of a lot of people."  Washington, the daughter of a doctor and nurse was the 2006 valedictorian at Gary West Side.

The result from the last Snippet’s question is that half of Snippets’ readers have completed and turned in their Census form while the other half have not, but plan to send it back. One reader wrote, “Am going to fill it out NOW and post it!”

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This week’s question:

Is the Arizona immigration law authorizing police officers to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand proof of citizenship a good law?


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