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14 Hey! It's the Parkers
Countess Vaughn and Baltimore's Mo'Nique talk about themselves and their show. The #1 show in Black America!

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Hey! It's the Parkers
About Countess Vaughn

countess vaughn

Age: 21

Birth Date: August 8, 1978 (Leo)

Born in: Idabel, Oklahoma, moved to Los Angeles when nine-years-old

Education: high school diploma

Hobbies: cooking, painting

All-time favorite film: Sparkle

All-time favorite TV show: A Different world.

Current favorite TV show besides Moesha or The
Parkers: Sex In the City and The Sopranos on HBO- Is my network going to be mad at me?

Favorite Book: Donald Goin’s Black Girl Lost

Worst Career Movement: I think every experience was something positive.

Home life: I got somebody and three fishes: Matrix, Maverick, and Big Shirley.

About Mo'Nique


Age: 32

Birth Date: December 11, 1967 (Sagittarius)

Born in: Baltimore County, Maryland

Education: attended Morgan State University

Hobbies: play laser tag, watching movies, reading, and playing ping pong

All-time favorite film: Cooley High

All-time favorite TV Show: The Jefferson’s

Current favorite TV show besides Moesha or The Parkers: City of Angels

Favorite Book: Alice Walker’s By the Light of my Father’s Smile

Worst Career Movement: I never look at things as mistakes, but as learning experiences.

Home life: Husband Mark, and two sons, Mark, Jr., 14, and Shalon, 9.

For four years, Countess Vaughn as Kim Parker has added spice and dominated the funniest scenes on the UPN comedy Moesha with full-sized, self –confident, man-crazy antics. On the August 30, 1999 episode of Moesha, UPN debuted The Parkersco-starring Vaughn and Baltimore County-born Mo’ Nique as her mother Nikki Parker. Nielsen Media Research saysthat the show has become the most watched show in Black America. It consistently attracts more viewers than Moesha, which precedes it on Monday nights, and Grown Ups, which follows it.

In the spin-off, the mother and daughter team are more like sister-friends. One recurring character described them as, “ghetto-fabulous, Double mint twins.” In the sitcom, both ladies enter the same community college, the mother after dropping out of high school 18 years ago.

However, their days in college often take a back seat. How to aggressively chase a man is often their main subject.

Vaughn says that she is not as forceful as Kim and is intelligent. “Kim is dumb, dumb,” commented Vaughn. However, Mo’ Nique says that Nikki is all of her. “I am sexy,full-figured, very outspoken, and a glamour doll,” she says. When her television love interest, Professor Olgevee, asked if he should indicate on her application that she is single, she responded with hungry eyes and full, moist, lusty lips, “You can check it, circle it, highlight it, you can even change it!”

Vaughn was only nine-years-old when TV’s Star Search came looking for her. On the show, she performed a winning tune and during small talk with the show’s host, she imitated Jackee of TV’s 227. She soon found herself on 227 and her show business career was on the surge. “I never imagined it would be like this,” added the native of Idabell, Oklahoma, a small town near the Texas and Arkansas border.

Before hitting the UPN airwaves, Mo’Nique took her stand-up comedy routines around the world and ran a comedy club bearing her name. The former bank teller operated the club in downtown Baltimore for three years and played the Comedy Connection in D.C.
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