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Recorded On
Jan 26, 2023

olaiye temitope templer

Olaiya Temitope Templer, News Editor at The Guardian Newspapers, Nigeria - Nigerian Elections

The News Editor for Guardian Newspapers, one of Nigeria’s most respected newspapers, if not the most respected talk about Nigeria's February 25 general elections for President, Vice President, and members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

2023 Episode 35

Recorded On
Nov 30, 2022

denise smith-archer

Denise Smith-Archer - Engineer, educator, artist, and co-author of “Black Gems in STEM: An Academic Success Workbook.”

Smith-Archer is an engineer, educator, artist, and co-author of “Black Gems in STEM: An Academic Success Workbook.” We talk to Smith-Archer about the book and how she brought the book alive during week-long summer enrichment programs at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland.

2022 Episode 34

woolly mammoth theatre
Recorded On
Nov 30, 2022

charles james

Charles James - Photographer

While rehabbing from cancer in 2008, James of Bowie, MD found refuge in taking pictures of birds. Aside from his Facebook postings, some of his photos have been showcased at the Patuxent National Wildlife Visitor Center Gallery and featured in their newsletter. He is also author of "Birding for Beginners." We talk to James about how he found his hobby and its affect on his health. See More of James photography including birds.

2022 Episode 33

Recorded On
Sep 13, 2022

dr theo hodge, jr

Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr. - Monkeypox, Vaccines, Disparities, and HIV

Our guest for this podcast is Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr., Medical Director of the Washington Health Institute and Port of Harlem contributor. Dr. Hodge is especially interested in the study and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and an outspoken proponent of HIV prevention. Today, we will take about another disease, in particular, monkeypox.

As of today, nearly 38% of monkeypox cases are among Black people, yet Blacks represent only 12% of the US population. We will also talk about these disparities and the vaccine.

2022 Episode 32
Recorded On
Sep 10, 2022

kennedra tucker

POH Presents: “Recipe for Change” and Discussion - Online

Join Port of Harlem publisher Wayne Young and Port of Harlem contributor Kennedra Tucker in a 30-minute discussion on “Recipe for Change: Amplifying Black Women.” Tucker has written for Port of Harlem magazine since she was in high school - - 22 years ago. Today, she is a K-12 health and physical education specialist pursuing a doctorate in school system leadership at the University of Maryland – College Park and is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Educational consultant.

Well, we hope everyone had a chance to watch the episode of “Recipe for Change” in which we provided. If not, we will try to share enough of the show to those who saw the show can easily recall the discussions and those who did not, can follow. The show gathers celebrities, chefs, activists, and creators around a dinner table for necessary conversations.

2022 Episode 31
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