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Nov 17 – Nov 30, 2022
gadsdens wharf

From Gadsden's Wharf, USA to Valongo Wharf, Brazil

Two new sites of what today would be among the worst examples of crimes against humanity will soon be recognized in the western hemisphere.
caroline quarlls

Freedom Seeker Caroline Quarlls (Walker)

Just as contemporary African Americans often "detect some Black" in various persons, a Black man in 1842 used similar instincts. "There she met a Colored man who suspected her to be a fugitive and told her Alton was not safe and led her to a stagecoach headed for Milwaukee."
depressed man

Don't Let SAD Leave You Sad: What You Need to Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder impacts up to 3% of the general population. And as Johns Hopkins Medicine reports, it can increase with age.
woolly mammoth theatre
girls protesting bad environment

EPA Seeks Input into Climate Change Program

Now is the time for communities that have been negatively impacted by climate change and pollutants to speak up and have their concerns and ideas considered by the EPA. Now is the time for African American businesses and organizations to review and determine if and where they fit into the upcoming opportunities in funding that will also create business opportunities, jobs, and education programs in their communities.
manneh creates physics book

New African Centered Physics Book

Many products and services available to Africans, at home and abroad, are often produced by and for others. Muhammed Manneh is helping to change this equation with a new high school physics book.
local market store front

Shoplifting A Big Problem at Local Market in South Shore, Chicago

Supermarkets across the country are experiencing an increase in shoplifting as inflation continues to drive up prices of food and household items.
nubia k essentials
iiberia bicentennial


The podcast Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr.: Monkeypox, Vaccines, Disparities, and HIV is becoming one of our most popular. Black International Cinema Berlin 2022 starts online Nov 17. The Till Trilogy in DC closes Nov 20. Hike The Freedom Trail Tour in Chicago is Nov 19. Alvin Ailey opens in NYC Nov 30. Under Children, see Read Africa Aloud.

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Though it was the fourth headline in the last issue, the headline was your number one pick. “Even Some Whites Preach That Africans are God’s Chosen People?” is still being searched and found on our website. We are glad so many voted, but we ask: are people who say that don’t see a difference between a D and an R also suppressing the vote? See the number one message on our Instagram page.
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