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Jul 14 – Jul 27, 2022

Pro-Life, Pro-Birth, Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion, and The Bible: You Decide

When it comes to abortion, both sides have cherry picked Bible verses that they believe validates their point of view.

Image: Nigerian Chidiebere Sunday Ibe created the image when he was a first-year student at Ukraine’s Kyiv Medical University

Is Inflation Peaking?

Oil is trading is down. Of course, geopolitical flare-ups, bad weather, an increase in demand for specific commodities, and other factors could put a halt to the slowdown in prices. If those events don’t come to pass, I think it's possible we may be past peak inflation.
theo hodge

Monkeypox Spreads in US, Vaccine Limited, is it Like HIV?

Statistics picturing the spread on monkeypox as heterosexual in Africa, but gay in the rest of the world is reminiscent of the spread of HIV. Theo W. Hodge, Jr., MD, explained, “Certainly, the notation of women in Africa versus men who have sex with men (MSM) in Europe and the USA is reminiscent of the HIV epidemic. That is where it stops . . ."
ivan brown realty

National AIDS Memorial to Focus on the US South

Black Americans make up 42% of all new HIV diagnoses in the U.S., with half of those diagnoses occurring in southern states. In the midst of this backdrop, the National AIDS Memorial announced a $2.4 million grant from Gilead Sciences to launch the Quilt Southern Initiative to create new Quilt programming.
marvin sin

Doing for Self: Conducting Business in Africa & Motivating Black Voters

Port of Harlem Talk Radio interviews a range of doers including artist and leather craftsmen Marvin Sin and most recently political professional Douglas Wilson.
soap program

POHGEP Homepage Revamped

The Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP) has revamped its homepage so viewers can more quickly see its projects and accomplishments. Donors can also see how we are using their donations and with whom.
Mosaic Theater
lorato trok


Under Religion see the mass baptismal in Gary and Exonerated Five’s Yusef Salaam’s “I was closest to God in prison” online. Under Music, see the slew of music programs on the Bladensburg waterfront. On POH Talk Radio, we talk with Sheryll Cashin about her latest book “White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality.”
jimmy carter

Readers' Trends

News out of Metro Gary/Chicago surprisingly dominated our last issue amongst subscribers and our Facebook followers. We are glad that more people are learning about our 30-minute podcasts on POH Talk Radio. The posting on Instagram was politically defining.
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