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Dec 30 – Jan 12, 2022
agenda 2063

If You Know 1619, Should You Know 2063?

At the center of the African Union's (AU) plans is Agenda 2063, Africa's master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse. The AU is organized around African people, with six regions, five on the continent and the sixth being the African diaspora. This successor organization of the Organization of African Unity is based in Addis Ababa. Agenda 2063 includes the creation of the African Continental Free Trade Area.
janel george

A Lesson on Critical Race Theory

The example of application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to education in the case of Milliken illustrates how CRT recognizes the role of the law in perpetuating racial inequality. Employing a CRT framework necessitates interrogation of systems and structures in which we function.
tony izu

The Internet Expands Financial Opportunities in Global South Countries

Instead of building costly bank facilities across the country, SANEF, an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria, provides an array of support services to accelerate the expansion of financial services to underserved communities largely through agents. The agents, like Tony Izu, also accelerate the spreading of financial literacy.
ivan brown realty
wayne young with stacey abrams

Six Black Women Who Want to Be a Governor in the USA

Today there are just nine female governors in the United States — six Democrats and three Republicans — despite women representing a slight majority of the population. None of the women are Black, but at least six of them hope to change this situation in 2022. The governorship is often a path to the presidency.
you did great

Our Biggest Fans, Our Top Performers, and New Records Broken

See who are our five top subscribers, based on who opened our emails the most, the top four issues, and more - - for 2021. 
The Temptations

Review: Ain’t Too Proud

The two-and-half-hour biographical musical “Ain’t Too Proud” generally covers the 24 well-appointed, but flawed men who at one time or another were members of the Motown group that cranked out 42 Top Ten Hits, with 14 of them reaching number one.
amar group
strange loop


As more people consider staying indoors, we will cover more entertaining online events such as the theatrical “Hit ‘Em On The Blackside,” and for the young, World Storytelling Café. On the more political side, The January 6 Insurrection: One Year Later is being presented by the Brookings Institute online. "A Strange Loop" (pictured) closes at Woolly Mammoth.

Readers' Trends

Entertainment, history, Port Of Harlem, and a memorial were our readers’ top choice subjects across platforms. The choices are a display of diversity. Entertainment stories seldom top the charts at Port Of Harlem, see which entertainment story broke the mold.
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