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Mosaic Theater
April 7 – April 20, 2022
chester higgins

Sacred Nile – with Photographer Chester Higgins

Many who have read and or have followed the likes of the late Yosef Ben-Jochannan and/or Tony Browder will probably find photographer Chester Higgins' Sacred Nile an affirmation with lucid pictures to accompany what they have learned and researched.
edmondson sisters

Remember the Pearl and Those Who Tried to Escape Slavery in DC – April 15

It was on the same night in 1848 that 77 men, women, and children, including the Edmonson sisters (pictured) enslaved by prominent families in the District of Columbia, made their way to the river, boarded "The Pearl," and began a heroic and historic, but failed bid for freedom. The Edmonsons later attended the Fugitive Slave Convention.
st mary college

New Underground Railroad Sites – Older Ones Amplified

The 16 new listings across 11 states join 700 sites, facilities, and programs already in the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom and provide insight into the diverse experiences of freedom seekers who bravely escaped slavery and those who assisted them.
paranormal sagas">
white teacher - black students

Diversity Gap Between Students and Teachers Continues to Widen

As the American population becomes more diverse, so does the population of school–aged children. However, teacher diversity is not keeping up, and the diversity gap between students and teachers continues to widen.

People are Anxious to Travel Again

Just randomly picking a travel agency is not a good idea since an agency's niche may not fit your needs. Take Aviva Travel Group and Champion Services Travel for instance. Aviva started as a travel organizer for women and continue to do so whereas Champion integrates their love of Black history and travel.
private at mosiac theater

Play Review: Private

The leads, Eric Berryman and Temidayo Amay (pictured), could have been played by performers from any demographic group, which makes the world premiere production more appealing during these hyper tribalistic times. Playwright Mona Pirnot deserves an ovation just for being imaginative
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amara la negra


Historian CR Gibbs has a new ZOOM presentation Mon, April 18, Olney Theater in Maryland has a string of new programming including some history, children's, and a drag show lined up, under "Race" find Queer Eye's Karamo Brown and singer and TV star Amara La Negra (pictured) with the Estefans talk "Black & Latin: Racism Within."

Readers' Trends

Despite the constant noise created by the Will-Rock controversary and the uproar in Ukraine, we are glad that so many read "As Russia Grabs Ukraine, Biden Has Not Reversed Trump's Foray into Africa's Business." And, despite the negativity, the picture shown here was number one on our Instagram page. They are Khoisan and we provide a link to a video on preserving N/uu, one of the Khoisan languages.
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