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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
Mar 24 – Apr 06, 2022
spain and morroco

As Russia Grabs Ukraine, Biden Has Not Reversed Trump’s Foray into Africa’s Business

Spain has not denied Western Sahara's sovereignty, as has the United States via the Trump deal with Morocco and Israel, and Biden’s continued non-reversal. “We (Americans) are really an outlier,” Stephen Zunes, a professor at the University of San Francisco specializing in Middle East politics, told Port of Harlem.
joshua henson parkway

Montgomery County, MD Names Josiah Henson Parkway

The enslaved Josiah Henson escaped to Canada in 1830. Henson’s 1849 autobiography inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe’s popular 1852 novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” which is credited with building support for the anti-slavery movement that led to the American Civil War. Henson led 118 other Africans out of enslavement.
ccomplished actress, orator and speech therapist, Constance Allen Thomas

The Gender Gap and Retirement

Since most people save a percentage of their income each paycheck for retirement, if you're making less, then the total amount you're putting into your retirement is lower. Not only is the contribution amount potentially lower, but over time, there is a likely impact to the potential for compounding growth.
champion services travel - group travel
male talking to child

How To Talk To Kids About Climate Change

David Sobel, an environmental educator at Antioch University, suggests that teaching good habits at a young age is also great place to start. A 2015 study from Brown University shows that routines and habits are formed by age nine, so lessons like turning off the lights to save energy will stick with children who learn to do so early on in life.
hi, are you single at woolly mammoth

I Never had to Apologize for the Space I was Taking: “Hi, Are You Single?”

Like most of Woolly Mammoth's productions “Hi, Are You Single” is beyond entertaining, stretched my appreciation abilities, and a production that I am glad I didn’t miss. Woolly Mammoth is restaging "Hi, Are You Single" March 28 - April 10.
chris redd

Review: Chris Redds' "Bust Down" is a Red Bust

The first episode was free. I won’t be paying to see the other five episodes. Why pay a hefty sum to hear well-paid actors curse? Aside from that, I would rather see a lot more creativity built on reality and that includes showing that my piece of the rock is “STEEL” strong.
woolly mammoth theatre
African Continental Free Trade Area


If you are interested in the future of African people - or the world - don’t miss the African Union’s online talk on the shaping of the African Continental Free Trade Area. The International Gullah Film Festival starts in South Carolina, “It's Just Like Coming To Church” opens in Chicago and “Private,” has opened in Washington at Mosaic Theater.
danny glover

Readers' Trends

We are elated to see Danny Glover honored and our Facebook readers propelling the post about his being honored to number one. From Accra, Nigerian Onuoha Columbus's artwork made fans on Instagram. From Hollywood and Accra to Little Rock see what story from Arkansas continues to be number one - for the fifth issue on our Internet site.
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