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October 22 – November 04, 2020

cr gibbs

Black Voter Suppression, Then and Now

Historian CR Gibbs: The advent of the Black vote was met with unfathomable dread by most Whites including many members of President Lincoln's own party which stood to benefit from thousands of new Black Republican voters . . . It was clear to all that Black Americans, seen as the most steadfast constituency of the Democratic Party, had for some time now, become and would remain targets of aggressive voter suppression by the Republican Party.
ritchie torres

Some U.S. Election Races to Watch – Updated

The new Congress will be even more diverse than the last with at least the first two openly Black LGBQT+ congresspersons, including Ritchie Torres (D-NY) (pictured), who identifies as same–gender–loving and LatinX. It appears that Congress will also have its first African–Latina and first African–Korean members. North Carolina will elects its first Black Lieutenant Governor.
byron allen

A Talk with Bob Johnson and Byron Allen

That Big TV Virtual Experience conference, featured a candid interview with media moguls Bob Johnson and Byron Allen. The media magnets addressed the massive wealth transfer that took place as people of African descent built the Americas, laid the grounds and rationale for reparations, and more.
ivan brown realty
micro soft

The Federal Government Is Investigating Microsoft for Hiring Black People

The letter Microsoft said it received from the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs questioned whether the company's desire for racial equity "could constitute unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, which would violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act."
gambia floods

Floods Compound Gambia Situation: 18 Child Scholarship Sponsors Needed Now

All of the children in our program are in need, but the floods have only compounded the problems with going back to school. Your donation will not only ensure a needy child another year of education, but allow his or her family to use their meager resources to rebuild or repair their homes. Your donation will provide your child: an uniform, shoes, lunch, exercise books, book rental, study fees, and a school bag.
psalmayene 24

Dear Mapel @ Mosiac Theater

Dear Mapel, by award–winning, DC–based, multidisciplinary artist Psalmayene 24, is his very personal new play about growing up in Brooklyn, losing his virginity, and reconnecting with a loved one who has passed, through a series of letters both real and imagined.
Mosaic Theater


We have added many new events including the virtual 35th Annual Philadelphia International Art Expo (image by artist Leila Ullmann) and Congo Week, which features panel discussions, films, and music performances. Despite the pandemic, home buying is still strong and Fulton Mortgage Company is offering a Virtual Homebuyers Seminar and Mosaic Theater is offering Psalmayene 24's "Dear Mapel."
eddie glaude

Readers' Trends

Politics dominated our readers' interest again, with three of the distribution platforms we use registering political pieces as your favorites. The winner amongst our Instagram readers was our favorite. If you are on Instagram, please start following us now. 
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