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mike jones state farm
May 21 – June 03, 2020

brother bey

Avoiding Whites

"Processed foods are basically dead foods," he continued, "they have no nutrients in them." Brother Bey expounded that manufactures process foods by cooking them at a temperature that kills the nutrients. They then further refine them with chemicals that harm the body.
tawny chatmon

Introducing: Fotographers in Focus, Featuring Tawny Chatmon

Tawny Chatmon's exhibition "Inheritance" at the newly opened Fotografiska Museum in New York City is a celebration of the beauty of African American children and maternal and familial bonds. See images and video online.
keith ellison

Virtual National Iftar Was Entertaining, Educational, and Pan–Spiritual

"Right before Ramadan started, my mother passed away. And as you know, our faith tells us that our mother is the most dear to us. And my mother’s death was related to COVID," shared trailblazing Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison during a virtual National Iftar.
ida b wells

Ida B. Wells Awarded Special Pulitzer Prize

Ida B. Wells, the Black female journalist who investigated lynching in the South during the Jim Crow era, was awarded a Pulitzer Prize citation 89 years after she died in Chicago.
women at work

How Women in the Labor Force Created Success for Us All

African American women were about twice as likely to participate in the labor force as were white women at the time, largely because they were more likely to remain in the labor force after marriage.
census 2020

COVID–19, the 2020 US Census, and You

Unfortunately, COVID–19 emerged one week into the 2020 Census, wreaking havoc on Census operations and delaying critical enumeration efforts. A Black undercount in the 2020 Census will have devastating consequences in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic as skyrocketing economic and healthcare needs have disproportionately affected Black communities.
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The story of African–British Paul Boakye’s adventures when moving to Ghana was undisputedly the most favorite article among those who read POH via email and on our web page. Inspiring pictures of women lead the post on Facebook and Instagram. We invite you to follow us on social media today.
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