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5 Steps to Picking Perfect Colors for Your Home

sherry waysChoosing a color scheme for your interiors can be a herculean task. It can leave you confused and you may end up with a color scheme that falls flat. Therefore understanding colors and how they stimulate the senses in a positive manner is of utmost importance.

The colors that we see are created from a mix of three primary colors – red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colors are produced from a mix of any two primary colors. So, for an example, when red and yellow are mixed in an equal proportion, the result is orange. A tertiary color is a mix of a primary color and a secondary color.

You can more easilty make your pick when all the colors are equally spaced out on a color wheel. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect interior colors for your home:

Warm and Cool Colors

Colors can be classified into warm and cool colors depending on their intensity and the feeling they generate. Shades of yellow, orange, and red are associated with the sun and invoke a feeling of warmth. Likewise, shades of blue and green are cooling in nature and associated with sky, water, and forests.

Create a Balance
When choosing colors from the color wheel, it is important to balance warm and cool colors. A room with only warm colors can create friction and anger, and similarly, cool colors can feel chilly and depressing. Choose a color scheme with either dominant warm or cool colors and balance them with accents of the opposite.

Rule of Three
It is important to choose your color scheme in a systematic manner. Start by picking one color that you are drawn towards. This is the dominant color in your décor. This color should make you feel good. Supplement the dominant color with a color that is relaxing like green and a third color that is energetic like a shade of orange. Avoid picking more than three colors for your color scheme.

Color for Space Planning
Depending upon the size of the room, color can create a feeling of spaciousness or coziness. Enhance the size of a small room by choosing a color scheme with cool colors. Cool colors like blue and green will make the room look larger than it is. For a large room that lacks coziness, make use of warm colors. These colors tend to pull the walls inwards thus giving the room a feeling of coziness.

Effect of Light
Light plays an important role in enhancing your color scheme. Use warm colors in rooms that do not receive abundant sunshine like bathrooms. Warm colors will make a dark room feel brighter and cheerful. The same colors when used in a room filled with light can feel overwhelming and irritating to the eye. For these rooms, cool colors should be used.

To Color It All Up!
Walk around your home. Pick out all the colors you like to look at and make a list of them. Pick out all the colors that are neutral to you. Then, pick out the colors that you don’t like to look at and make a list of them.

Looking at color can provide you mental therapy. If it is pleasant, it is balancing to you.  If it is neutral, it means you have a sufficient amount of color in your aura. If it is irritating, it is too much because you already have more than enough of that color vibration in your soul.

The colors in your home will give out messages about your personality and who you are. So show yourself and your home off to the fullest and most colorful, making sure you use colors that are true to who you are.

Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.

Bald and Bold
Sisters with Alopecia

 sisters with alopecia
 “A friend of mine noticed a bald spot on the side of my head,” recalls Jameleeh  Fernanders.  Being that she works with children, she thought she had ringworms. However, ringworm treatments did not work. Only after a visit to a dermatologist did she find her answer:  Fernanders has alopecia.

Alopecia areata involves hair loss in one or more round spots on the scalp. If all body hair, including pubic hair, is lost, the diagnosis becomes alopecia universalis.  These conditions are not contagious. 

“No, one else in my family has it,” says Feranders.  Added Dr. Theo Hodge, “Though it occurs more frequently in people who have affected family members, we are not sure that the condition is inherited.” He continued, “It's a treatable condition, but the treatments don't work with all patients.”

After the revelation, Fernanders says she became depressed, “I wondered how I was going to go on without my hair,” she recalls. 

And living with the condition in the United States often makes women face stereotypes that may not be accurate. These stereotypes include hairless women not being feminine, having cancer, or are same gender loving. But Fernanders says women may lose their hair or just be bald due to several other siituations including lupus, use of hair straighteners, a hormone imbalance, stress, and, yes, a styling preference. 

These and other issues are tackled during their support group meetings and conferences.  She added, we help women become aware that “life is not over when you lose your hair.”

Sisters with Alopecia is based in Washington, but they network with other groups such as Beautiful, Bold, and Bald women of Hampton, VA.  Many of these group and individuals will convene in Hampton in September.

Election 2014

patrick duval 
Massachusetts Governor Patrick Duval

Massachusetts Expands Voting Rights
Massachusetts’s voters will be able to cast their ballots up to 11 days before Election Day beginning in 2016, under a new law signed by Gov. Deval Patrick. Additionally, the new law allows 16-and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote, in an effort to help encourage teens to continue voting through their adulthood. The new law also requires an online portal to check voter registration status and allows postelection audits of randomly selected precincts after presidential elections.

McConnell Flops on Obamacare
Repealing Obamacare has been the focus of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.  But when asked about what would happened to the more than 400,000 Kentuckians who would lose heath care via KYNect if he got his way, he said the two were "unconnected." Kentucky was one of 13 states that set up its own health care marketplace as a direct result of Obamcare and with support from the federal government under Obamcare - the Affordable Health Care Act.

Tea Party Tumbles
The Republican Party establishment struck back against the Tea Party last Tuesday when their candidates won in Georgia and Kentucky.  Polls have shown that the Tea Party candidates would have had a harder time beating the Democrats in the fall.

Conyers Still in the Game
U.S. Rep. John Conyers, No. 2 in seniority in the House of Representatives, almost lost his place on the ballot after Michigan election officials found problems with the Democrat's nominating petitions. With a  50-year career at his back, he mounted a legal challenge to Michigan’s election law at the heart of the dispute and a federal judge ruled the law unconstitutional. Conyers was the original author of the bill that made Martin Luther King’s birthday a federal holiday and HR40, an African-American reparations bill.

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wayne young

POH Publisher,

The New Internet Battle

internet neutrality 
It’s possible, instead of all online companies having access to the Internet equally; some companies may pay more to be able to deliver you their website faster than others.  The effect could be that smaller, newer companies would not have the funds to purchase the fastest delivery service, resulting in consumers not being able to download them as fast as others and avoiding them.  The FCC is debating the “net neutrality” issue now.

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A Journey Through The African Diaspora'
Mural Unveiling & Celebration
Suitland High School
Annabelle Ferguson Auditorium
Thu, May 29, 7p-9p, free

Green Festival
Washington Convention Center
Sat, May 31 – Sun, Jun 1, 10a-6p

Golden Minaret Awards
Capitol Hill Liaison Hotel and Resort
415 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Sat, May 31, 7p-10p, $

The Washington Metropolitan
Philharmonic Orchestra
(including George Gershwin’s Catfish Row)
Church of the Epiphany
1317 G St., NW
Sun, Jun 1, 3p, $20, under 19-free

The Beltway BBQ Showdown
Tucker Road Athletic Complex
1771 Tucker Road
Fort Washington, MD
Sat, Jun 7, 12p–7p, $2

The Washington Metropolitan
Philharmonic Orchestra
(including George Gershwin’s Catfish Row)
T C Williams High School
3330 King St.
Alexandria, VA
Sun, Jun 8, 3p, $20, under 19-free

Benjamin Moore 2004 Summer Color Trends Seminar
Monarch Paint & Wallcovering
5608 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Wed, Jun 11, 6p, Refreshments Served, free

Blue Monday Blues + Fish Fry
Westminster Presbyterian Church
400 I Street, SW
Mons, 6p-9p, $5, under 16 - free

Jazz Night Fridays + Fish Fry
Westminster Presbyterian Church
400 I Street, SW
Mons, 6p-9p, $5, under 16 – free

food, drinks, and music
Half and M Sts, SE, free
Fris, Jun 13, Jul 11, Aug 8, and Sep 12

Third Annual Charm City
LGBT Film Festival
Creative Alliance
Thu May 29- Sat May 31

New York
Nikki Giovanni and Kwame Alexander
A HueMan Bookstore Event
Mist Harlem
46 W 116th St
Thu, May 29, 7p, free

The Black Stars of The Great White Way
Broadway Reunion
Carnegie Hall
Mon, Jun 2,8p, $35-$200

National African-American Journalists Become Critical of African Leaders

Progressive Askia Muhammad: 
The Late Great African Continent

askia muhammadA generation ago when we were just learning about the great accomplishments of African scholars and civilizations, during a period when Europeans were literally living in caves, Black people were proud of our African heritage. For the most part, we still are proud of that heritage. But something ugly has happened to Africa, throughout Africa . . .

I have traveled to maybe two dozen of Africa’s 50-some-odd countries – to South Africa and to Egypt a half dozen times each; a dozen or more trips to Nigeria; to Niger, Mali, Malawi, Morocco, Libya, Liberia, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, Chad, Congo, Comoros Islands, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, and more. I am sorry to say, there’s hardly one of them where I would even consider residing, and only a few where I would consider visiting.

Read More (first published April 23, 2014) . . .

Conservative Raynard Jackson: 
More Self-Reliance Needed in Africa

raynard jacksonFor the most part, my criticism of Africa has to do with its leaders and government bureaucrats, not the people.  Many of the leaders are corrupt and selfish, interested only in the enrichment of themselves, their families and their cronies.

On the other hand, the people of Africa only want three things:  education, healthcare, and a job.  This seems to be very reasonable and pretty much a universal desire; and one that should be easily achievable on the continent of Africa. But it’s not.

Africa reminds me of the kid who always wants to be treated like a “big boy,” but then constantly cries for his big brother to rescue him when he gets in trouble.  Generally speaking, Africa wants U.S. investments yet can’t provide security for their own people. And if they fail to provide security at that level, there is no reason to believe African countries can provide security for foreign investments.  

Read More (first published May 19, 2014) . . .

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Former POH Editor Now MD

 elizabeth banks
left to right - Dr. Elizabeth Banks (OB/GYN) of Balimore, MD, USA, POH publisher Wayne Young,
and Bank's boyfriend Dr. Emeka Anyanwu.(internist)
of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Elizabeth Banks, a former Port Of Harlem editor, graduated from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine May 18. The Baltimore Polytechnic Public School graduate will begin her residency at the University of Chicago where her father and brother completed their studies.  She will specialize in obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN).

Banks edited several Port of Harlem print issues.  She also co-wrote the travel story ”Yes, Boise! “ with her uncle, Port of Harlem publisher Wayne Young. 

debbi morgan

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