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February 3 - February 16, 2011


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Tavis Smiley Opens America I AM - Washington

“I asked for a Black designer” said broadcaster Tavis Smiley, as he talked Tuesday night about the development of his conception, the “America I AM: The African American Imprint,” touring exhibition that just opened at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.. The exhibit runs through Sunday, May 1, 2011 with D.C. being the fifth stop on the exhibition’s 10-city, four-year tour.

The opening reception included the Indiana native’s talk about his affirmative inclusion of other African-Americans in the exhibit’s development. Before Smiley spoke, guest dined on food from Black themed restaurants including Black-owned Langston Bar and Grille, 1831 Benning Road, NE, across from the historically-Black Langston Golf course. Their fare included grits and shrimp.

Discount tickets to the museum and exhibit are available at WalMart.

Exhibition highlights include:

  • “The Door of No Return” from the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, which enslaved Africans passed through to board ships to begin the Middle Passage
  • Items from contemporary icons, including Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Etta James, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jordan and Tupac
  • Objects pertaining to the African American troops that fought in major U.S. wars
  • Malcolm X’s journal and personal Quran
  • The door key and stool from the Birmingham jail cell that held Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he authored “Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
  • Frederick Douglass’ clothing and a reproduced letter from President Lincoln that enabled Douglass to move among Union lines recruiting Black soldiers
  • The robe Muhammad Ali wore during training for the “Rumble in the Jungle,” where he defeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman
  • A model of the first traffic signal, invented by Garrett Morgan, which served as the basis for today’s traffic lights.

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Readers Respond to 69 Words From Dr. King

I've had an account at Tri-State Bank for more than 50 years.

-M. Willis - Memphis, TN

Kudos to you, Port Of Harlem, for sharing something other than "I Have a Dream." I'm not sure whether media are just plain lazy or unwilling to highlight many of the other powerful words of Martin Luther King, Jr., which are so relevant today.

R.King - Washington, D.C.

Dr. King preached those 69 words from a Pentecostal pulpit - the historic pulpit of C.H. Mason, the principle founder of the Church of God in Christ - -and wished those Negroes had listened -- La Luta Continua - The struggle continues - Peace

I. Jones -Washington, D.C.

Can you recommend any good Black-owned banks in the metro Washington, DC area?

N. West - Washington, D.C.

Valentines Wine - n - Dessert Tasting

Wine demonstrator Sheldon Mixon will host a Valentine Wine and Dessert Tasting at Overdue Recognition, 6828 Race Track Road in Bowie, MD. Dessert sampling will be by Taste Sensations. The event will include entertainment by soloist Brian Roberts, rap artist Bryant B Dot and Catch 22, spoken word performer Herman Cannon and pianist Travis Gillis. This fundraising event for the people of Juffereh, The Gambia (home of Kunte Kinte) takes place Saturday, February 12 from 6p to 8p. Tickets are $8.00. For more information contact Justina Thompson (301) 262 - 3533 or Antwuan Carter(240) 848 - 2071. 
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Anacostia River Photography Exhibit Opens in Georgetown

Parish Gallery presents an exhibition ofpoh cover six fine art/nature photographers from East-of-the-River with “Anacostia River School of Photography - Revealing the Treasures of the East.” The exhibition opens with a reception from 6p - 8p, Friday, February 4 and runs thru February 20, 2011 with an Artists Talk Saturday, February 5, 2011 from 4p-6p.

The photographs highlight the beauty of the treasured green spaces of the historic Anacostia River. The six artists include Port Of Harlem contributing photographer Bruce McNeil, and Zandra Chestnut, David Harris, Melanin Douglass, Marlon Norman and James Holiday.

Photo:  Bruce McNeil (center).


Little Known Safe Sex Tips - Black AIDS Awareness Day - Feb 7

The 11th Annual Black AIDS Awareness Day is Monday, February 7. In the United States, Blacks account for more new HIV infections and AIDS cases than any other racial/ethnic group. In a recent interview, Port of Harlem asked Henry Jackson, RNPhD, about HIV prevention. He offered two less-publicized thoughts: Before having sex, you may freshen your breath by placing toothpaste on your finger and gently wiping the toothpaste on your teeth and tongue. Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash kills normal flora that protects you against viruses.

On days you plan to engage in anal sex, eat light and include vegetables and other high fiber foods in your diet, and limit foods that slowly move through the digestive track, such as meats and other fatty foods such as french fries and ice cream. Similar to the use of mouthwash, douching can rid your body (anal canal and vagina) of the natural flora that protects you from viruses.

Read Grandma Has AIDS, by Theo Hodge, Jr. MD.

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Feb 14 - South Sudan Expected to Announce Secession

The election results in South Sudan are expected Monday, February 14 and show that the Southern Sundanese will form their own nation. The country’s two flags demonstrate what former Sudanese Army Brigadier General John Leuth told Port Of Harlem, “Do we look to the Middle East or to Africa?”

sudan flag

The Sudanese flag includes the pan-Arab colors.

south sudan flag


The South Sudan flag will carry the pan-African colors used by Black nations from Vanutu (South Pacific) and South Africa to Ghana and Black America.

What's Behind Sudan's Historic

Vote for Independence?

"God Grew Tired of Us"

book/movie about The Lost Boys of South Sudan

C.R. Gibbs and Ida Jones Announces Free Lectures

cr gibbs Carroll "C.R." Gibbs, who contributes to Port of Harlem's "Praising the Past" department released the first quarter schedule for the African History and Culture Lecture Series, whose scholars continue to provide free presentations at libraries, churches, and other locations in Metro Washington, D.C.
 ida jones                                     


Ida E. Jones, Port Of Harlem’s book reviewer, has released her schedule of Black History Month engagements and links to programs that C-SPAN aired in which she moderated or participated as a panelist.

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