October 28 - November 10, 2010


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U.S. Court: Give Non-Whites a Chance

The U.S. District Court of New Jersey granted the NAACP’s motion for summary judgment in a dissimilar impact case challenging the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue’s (NHRFR) use of residency requirements for hiring. Currently, of the NHRFR’s 323 full time employees, only two are African American and NHRFR requires all qualified applicants to live in one of its five municipalities. These municipalities are less than 4 percent African American.

The courts instructed the NHRFR to expand the residency requirement to include residents of neighboring Hudson, Essex and Union counties - all with large African American populations. Such neighboring areas include Newark, East Orange, Irvington, Jersey City and Orange, New Jersey. The court held that there was no “evidence supporting the NHRFR’s assertion that the residency requirement is necessary to the successful performance of the firefighter job functions.”



Spot the Block

Preventing overweight and obesity in the early years can help young people stay healthy and prevent health problems in adulthood. Parents who encourage their kids to Spot the Block every day can guide them toward lifelong healthful dietary management. “The Block” is the black-and-white Nutrition Facts Label on food packages. It provides easy-to-see, easy-to-understand nutrition information that tweens can identify, read, and use before making food choices.

Kids who Spot the Block follow three simple steps as they use the Nutrition Facts Label to compare and choose foods:

1. Check out the serving size on food packages – One package may contain more than one serving. Kids can use the serving size and servings per container to discover the total number of calories and nutrients they are consuming.

2. Consider the calories – When looking at a food’s calories, remind children that 100 is moderate and 400 is high. The Nutrition Facts Label is based on a 2,000 calorie diet, but your child’s calorie needs might be different. Click her to help your child find his or her “target” calories per day.

3. Choose nutrients wisely – Kids should select foods that are lower in certain fats, cholesterol, and sodium when making daily food choices.

- When comparing nutrients, kids should remember that 5% Daily Value (DV) is low; 20% DV is high. Whether a kid should aim for 5% or 20% depends on whether it is a nutrient to get more of or a nutrient to get less of.

- Kids should know the nutrients to get less of (trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar) and the nutrients to get more of (potassium, fiber; vitamins A and C; iron; and calcium).

  • Urge your child to also visit the Spot the Block Web site, where he or she will find cartoon network characters, interactive videos, games, ringtones, downloadable desktop widgets, and free music downloads that encourage dietary management and smart choices for tweens
  • Find plenty of ways to talk to your children about making smart food choices on the For Parents page.

Loïs Mailou Jones:

A Life in Vibrant Color

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) showcases “Loïs Mailou Jones: A Life in Vibrant Color,” the first major retrospective surveying Jones’ wide array of subjects and styles, through Sunday, January 9, 2011. The exhibit explores Loïs Mailou Jones (1905-1998) over the impressive length of her career by showcasing more than 70 works, including paintings, drawings and textile designs.

NMWA is at 1250 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC and is open Monday–Saturday, 10a –5p and Sunday, noon–5p. For information, call 202-783-5000. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for visitors 65 and over and students, and free for NMWA Members and youth 18 and under.



Visit ColorfulTimes for news and information from a Black British perspective. Writers include former Port of Harlem contributor Paul Boakye.


Us Helping Us Annual Fundraiser


Us Helping Us holds its annual fund raiser, A Passion for Living, Saturday, November 13 at 6p. The gala takes places at The Penthouse at Suntrust Bank; 1445 New York Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. Tickets are $125 and available at 202-446-1100.


11th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards Gala

Washington jockey John Blake, (a Trinidad and Tobago native), Washington TV anchor Maureen Bunyan (of Guyanese and Aruban heritage), and Miami TV anchor Nevi Mohan (of Trinidad heritage) will host the 17th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards, Friday, November 12 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel. For more information call 202-638-0460. Tickets range from $125 to $175 and up.

12th Annual Gathering of

Africa’s Best (GAB) Awards

The Trumpet newspaper (Britain’s largest distributed Black newspaper) holds its annual Gathering of Africa’s Best (GAB) Awards against the backdrop of huge negative publicity being flaunted by the UK mainstream media about Africans and the African diaspora. The GAB Awards is a forum where the best of Africa and friends of Africa come together to network and showcase the very best that Africa has to offer. It all takes place in London, Sunday, October 31 at the Holiday Inn (Bloomsbury), from 5p to midnight.


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