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February 18 - March 3, 2010

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Black History Month Lecture and Soul Food Tasting

The Alexandria Branch of the NAACP sponsors a lecture “The History of Black Economic Empowerment,” followed by a sampling of African-American traditional foods Sunday, February 28, 2 to 4p. at the Charles Houston Recreation Center, 901 Wythe St. It is free and across the street from the Alexandria Black History Museum. For more information call 703.746.4356.

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Prince George’s
Arts Council Grants

The Prince George’s Arts Council’s (PGAC) FY 2011 grant applications are available now online. Artists, arts organizations, schools and community groups are encouraged to apply to one or more programs. Applicants may submit multiple applications to the various funding programs, but will only be eligible to receive two grants per fiscal year. Applicants may not receive multiple funding from PGAC for the same project. Additionally, all workshops will be conducted via teleconferencing. For more information call 301.277.1402.

I Want to be President

president obamaFirefly Book has released a creative, picturesque book about elections in a democracy in which your children can relate. Using the election of Barack Obama as the inspiration, the book parallels his race for the White House with those of children (of various ethnic groups) running for class office at their elementary school.

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In Red and Brown Water - Extended to February 28s

red and brown waterRead what those who won free tickets from Snippets had to say about In the Red and Brown Water:

Seeing In the Red and Brown Water was a truly amazing and enjoyable experience -- a very interesting story with extraordinary acting. Thank you for the opportunity to see this wonderful performance!

- Ann Morgan

I went to the show Friday. It was very good and very intense.

- Donald Burch

Designer Home Show - DC

Millee Spears of Khismet Wearable Art and Denise Goring of New York’s Brownstone (Black Enterprise magazine featured the Brownstone in its February 2010 issue) present a 2010 Designer Home Show and Sale Saturday, February 20 from 1-7p and Sunday, February 21 from 1-5p at 6025 North Dakota Ave. N.W. 20011 in Washington, D.C. They will serve light refreshments. RSVP Millee at 202.678.4499.

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Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.

Two of every three (67 percent) of Snippets readers find it offensive for the 2010 Census form to include the word Negro when asking: What is person 1's race? One of the choices will be: Black, African Am, or Negro.

One reader wrote, “The correct verbiage should be ‘Black’, not African American. African-American includes White South Africans who live in the US. Black includes all: Black Canadians, Black Russians . . . we are Black, Black, Black!”

A third of the readers felt no harm. The first responder says, “My father is 87 and he still uses the word so he would not be offended by it. I am African American. In time the word will fade away, but wsurvey icone should not be afraid of our history.”

This week’s question: Port of Harlem is developing a new advertisement to encourage people to sign up for Snippets and looking for the best words and features that will promote action. As a Snippets subscriber, what Snippets' feature is most important to you?



Following the death of Marilyn Killingham in Washington, D.C. December 26, another leader of the Republic of New Afrika has died. Dr. Imari Obadele died January 18 in Atlanta. He was 79.

Port of Harlem last interviewed Obadele for our 10th Anniversary Issue: What Ever Happened to the Revolution?

Some may remember back in 1971, when the Jackson MS people and FBI attacked the Republic of New Afrika’s headquarters. Authorities lost the gun battle, but arrested President Obadele and 10 others. Freed in 1980, Obadele eventually earned his Ph.D. and reopened the Republic of New Afrika’s headquarters in Jackson.

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