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January 22 - February 3, 2010

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African Photography Exhibits Open at Anacostia Galleries

nomadsHonfluer Gallery
hosts the opening of Stories and The Gallery at Vivid Solutions hosts the opening of Migrations: Nomands in Anacostia, DC Friday, January 22 at 7p.

Stories is a documentary photography exhibit. Washington D.C.-based NBC bureau chief Antoine Sanfuentes created the exhibit during a 2008 visit to East Goma with reporter Ann Curry, covering #topics such as child soldiers of Africa, education and rape.

Included in the exhibit are works by Ann Curry and Deborah Terry.  The works include images of Sudanese and Ugandan refugees and conflict victims, as well as multimedia presentations of the grassroots work done by International Lifeline Fund. Both exhibits help raise awareness and funds for relief efforts in African nations.

Vivid Solutions hosts Migrations: Nomads without a cause; Refugees with no Tomorrow at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions. This photography exhibition by Deborah Terry exposes the lives of two disparate groups at odds in the Darfur conflict: nomadic herders known as Janjaweed and the refugees displaced by them.

Honfluer is at 1241 Good Hope Rd. SE while Vivid Solutions is around the corner at 2208 Martin Luther King Dr. Stories is supported by Anacostia River Realty.

Obama Appoints First
Transgender Person

After being a first himself and appointing the first Latina Supreme Court justice, President Obama appointed Amanda Simpson to become the first openly transgender presidential appointee to the federal government. Simpson, 49, will serve as a senior technical adviser for the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security where she will monitor the exports of U.S. weapons technology.

Readers Give President High Marks New Survey: In Memory of the late Teddy Pendegrass
(3.26.50 - 1.13.10)

survey iconIn our first Snippets Survey, 77% of our readers who responded gave President Obama an "A" for his performance as President during his first year in office. One reader, who awarded the President with an A, commented, “Even when the critics try to silence him, like Mayo Angelo says, ‘still he rises.’”

The President earned a "B" and a "C," respectively, from 11% of the readers. A reader who gave the former Illinois Senator a "C," stated, “he escalated the war in Afghanistan.”

This Week’s Question: What is the best song Teddy Pendergrass ever recorded?

Stephanie Mills sings with Teddy Pendergrass “Two Hearts.

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$50 Trees for D.C. Homeowners

Through a special offer from the RiverSmart Homes program, District homeowners can have shade trees planted on their property for only $50 per tree. Space is the only limit to the number of trees the planters can plant on each property.

In the spring, a representative of Casey Trees will visit individual homeowners to determine the most appropriate trees and locations for planting in each yard. Once the tree species and locations have been chosen, Casey Trees will then schedule the planting. The cost of planting is included in the $50 co-payment.


At the Theater - Stick Fly new drawing for MAHALIA!

What is best about Stick Fly is that it is not a comedy, but a great dramatic story that can make you holler.

What is bad about Stick Fly is it’s lack of basic creativity. To break the mold and to explore the diversity of African American life Lydia Diamond, with some work, could have properly set the story in some other historic Black bourgeois resort community (other than, here we go again - Martha’s Vineyard) such as Idlewild, Michigan in the Midwest or American Beach, Florida, in the deep South.

Kenny Leon directs the Stick Fly and, in other news, the Cort Theater in New York has scheduled him to direct Denzal Washington and Viola Davis in the first Broadway revival of August Wilson’s Fences. Previews of Fences will start Wednesday, April 14, start Monday, April 26 and run for 13 weeks.


Yes, I want to see MAHALIA!

Click here to enter by correctly answering the following question:  At what Washington area theatre is MAHALIA! playing now through Sunday, March 14. (We will select two winners from among the entries with the correct answers that we received by Monday, February 1, 2010.)

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port of harlem gambian education partnership

From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden, an exhibition that presents a major survey of the extensive graphic works created by Romare Bearden is on display at the Reginald Lewis African-American Museum in downtown Baltimore. The exhibition covers more than 30 years of his work. The exhibit is free with museum admission through Sunday, March 28.


Job Fair for the Formerly Incarcerated
If you need a job, having a criminal record will not prevent you from applying for jobs at this upcoming job fair. You must be able to read at the 8th grade level. Job openings include becoming a census taker.

DATE: Thursday, January 28, 2010
TIME: 1p - 3p
PLACE: New Revival Kingdom Church
1402 Ritchie Marlboro Road
Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743

GED Instructor/Job Counselor
The Marshall Heights Community Development Organization (MHCDO) is searching for a GED
Instructor Assistant ($30,000) and a Job Placement Counselor ($37,000). For more information call Donna Baskerville 396.1201 x 138.

Paid Positions in Haiti
Looking for carpenters, masons, electricians, medical personnel, communications, builders, heavy equipment operators, plumbers and logistics. For more information contact Onekqua Beverly, Corporate Recruiter/Security Specialist, ACET, Inc., 301-861-5023. 

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