January 22 - February 4, 2009

National Geographic Center

From The Gambia: Praises for U.S.

President’s Speech
By Besenty Gomez

I feel I can retire anytime now to our ancestors without regret. President Obama's speech was just God sent. I hope all close fisted African and other world presidents will open their hands for a peaceful world.

Obama is a President of not only America and Americans but all peace loving people in the world. Trust me, if the world were to vote for a President of the World, he will overwhelmingly emerge the winner without any doubt. We hope and pray that the world will listen to him as he listens to the voices of all the under privileged people all over the world.

I would be very grateful to have anything Obama as I plan to open a library in my village of Kitty. I've already got a soccer team for children under 15 called Obama FC.

Obama is change and change is Obama and that's why anyone who needs progress, peace and prosperity should embrace his ideals and follow in his footsteps. I shall always remain elated.

Oliver Natural Hair

Traveling the Freedom Road

As the nation’s focuses on Black History Month, Abrams Books released Linda Barrett Osborne’s Traveling the Freedom Road ($24.95). The book provides an appropriately detailed story for young readers with plenty of clear illustrations from slavery and pictures taken during the American Civil War and Reconstruction.

Travel Tip:

Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses

Click here for a startling look at what happens to the drinking glasses available in some of America’s best hotels. After seeing this, you will probably always demand a plastic, one-use throwaway cup.

Quilombo Country Film about Black Rebel Villages of Brazil - Feb 6

Quilombo Films holds its first uptown screening of “Quilombo Country,” the award-winning, 73-minute feature documentary about Brazilian villages founded by escaped and rebel enslaved Africans, at the Taller Latino Americano, 2710 Broadway (103 St.) Friday, February 6 in New York City.

The event is from 8p to 10:30p will include a question-and-answer session and a discussion by director/producer Leonard Abrams about ethnographic film making and distribution. The screening and discussion will be followed by a cocktail reception. Admission is $12. For additional information call 212-260-7540 or click here to e-mail your questions.

Need a Speaker for

Black History Month?

Many Port of Harlem contributors are available to speak at Black History Month celebrations. If you are interested at having one of our contributors speak at your gathering, click here and indicate the name of the event, date, time, expected audience size, and the contributor you seek.

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Freedom Friday’s at Sanfoka

It’s the new place to chill on Fridays. Sankofa, 2714 Georgia Avenue, NW, near Howard University. This Friday, January 21 at 7:30, Sanfoka presents Free, a.k.a. Yvette Benjamin. Admission is a smile. Food and natural bar available.

Release of New Print Issue

Our next issue focuses on The Pet in the Family. On the cover is Gwendolyn Coley, a Georgia native and Prince George’s County resident with Spirit, one of her horses. Most Black publications would not have such an image on their covers, but we also know that you are among a select group of people who appreciate seeing and reading about the breadth of Black life.

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