port of harlem magazine

February 22 - March 6, 2008


Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.

Alberta Hunter - MetroStage
At The Cookery

Another bio-musical hits Washington.  However, this one is really artistically as well as musically entertaining.   The musical is all about Alberta Hunter who had a high flying musical career until 1956.  She briefly returned to the entertainment industry in 1961, began a career in nursing only to reappear on stage in 1977 at age of 82.  She continued to perform at The Cookery until shortly before her death in 1984.

What is artistically challenging is the play’s two actresses’ abilities to smoothly switch between playing the younger and older Hunter.  Dora Mavor Award (Canada’s Tony) winner Jackie Richardson plays the older Hunter and Washington native Janice Lorraine plays the younger Hunter and briefly several other characters including Louie Armstrong.  The two-hour play runs until Sunday March 9

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