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May 31 - June 12, 2008

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Non-Americans Speak on Obama During Campaign 2008
While 9 of 10 of our print readers live in Metro Washington, we are proud to have print and electronic readers at home and abroad.  We asked a couple of our readers living outside of the United States what they think about Barack Obama.  This is what your fellow Snippet readers had to say:

Raul Sarmiento
Havana, Cuba

From the candidates you have, the only one that speaks about change is Barak Obama.  Changes that have to do with the internal politics of protection of the humblest layers in their own towns, changes that would diminish the breach that separates the richest from the poorest, of prevention of illnesses,  prevention of crime (the United States has the biggest penal population per cápita in the world), protection to the worker, and protection and prevention against natural catastrophes (remember  Katrina and New Orleans).

If United States has the most solid agricultural and industrial economy in the world, with bigger efficiency and productivity, it should have the best social services.  These (social services) would be very beneficial for the whole population of United States.  But, do you believe that these changes are possible?

Paul Boakye
London, The United Kingdom

Barack Obama is the best hope America has of nominating a president that the rest of the world can believe in. I read with great interest his book Dreams from My Father and wept with recognition at the ‘skinny kid with the funny name’ in me. I may not be able to vote in your elections, or even donate to his immaculate campaign (believe me, I've tried), but I've never been more interested in the political process than now. Yes We Can!

Paul Boakye is a writer and former political commissioner for POWER (a detailed report on democracy in Britain).

Besenty Gomez
Kitty Village, The Gambia

I am very happy that Barack Obama is progressing well in his campaign to become a Democratic Party presidential candidate nominee and eventually America's first Black President. Barack has charisma. He has even won the hearts of many who even don't like him for any reason.  His intelligence and personality are something that endears me to him. Our troubled world needs someone who has seen the worst and best of life and this is found in Obama. He knows what to be poor and helpless is as he was brought up by a single parent who lived with him in Indonesia.

If Obama emerges as the President of America, most of America's sworn enemies would become her greatest allies as it's the policy of America toward those nations that make those nations to build up resistance against her. Obama, if not elected President of America,  would be a President that America never had. He is an embodiment of WORLD PEACE. The whole world is crying for Obama's Presidency and America should listen to their cries as people always listen when America speaks whether rightly or wrongly.
Henry Kiilu
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

I think Barack Obama might make a great American president if you give him the chance. He seems to have a better vision for America and for the world as well.

Eugene Eastman
Monrovia, Liberia

Liberians are excited about Obama’s run for the presidency. They see him as someone who “who will not want his people to die” as George Bush has done.  Liberians get their news from CNN. A 15 year old water carrier told me that Obama is an African who migrated to America; they believe he is likely Nigerian.  They don’t expect that the White people will allow him to win.

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