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April 6 - April 19, 2007


Congresswoman Lee Sticks to Her “Guns”

On September 15, 2001, the US Congress approved a resolution authorizing President Bush to use "all necessary and appropriate force" against anyone associated with the terrorist attacks of September 11. The measure passed 98-0 in the U.S. Senate (including the votes of some presidential candidates whom now say it was a “mistake”) and 420-1 in the House.  The lone dissenting vote was a colonel's daughter -- Barbara Lee (D-CA).  Subsequently, the U.S. invaded Iraq.

On March 23, 2007, The House voted 218 to 212 to pass a war spending bill calling for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by August 31, 2008.  This time thirteen Democrat joined Lee to vote against the bill.  On the House floor, the congresswoman said:

 “As someone who opposed this war from the beginning, I have voted against every single penny for this war and found myself today in the difficult position of having to choose between voting against funding for the war or for establishing time lines to end it.  While as a matter of conscience I cast my vote against the funding, I hope that this passage of this bill marks the beginning of the end of the Iraq war, but the real fight still lies ahead. Congress will continue to have to confront the issue of this war and occupation, and I am committed to continuing to push to fully fund the safe withdrawal of our troops from Iraq at the earliest practicable date and for timelines for withdrawal that are backed up by the appropriations power that the Constitution grants to Congress.”

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