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April 21- May 4, 2006


Muhammad Ali Snags $50 Million

Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali sold 80 percent of the rights to his name and likeness for $50 million to burgeoning entertainment company CKX.   Target Market News declared that the deal may have marked the beginning of a new era in sports marketing for the most elite athletes.

Instead of working for a sports star in a traditional sense, like IMG does with Tiger Woods and Vince Carter, and taking a percentage of their earnings, CKX paid Ali cash for the exclusive rights to market him and his image. Anything with Ali's name or likeness, whether it's sportswear, boxing gloves, movies, books, museums, will be sold under the CKX umbrella. "They essentially have bought the rights to sell the rights," said Dan Migala, editor and publisher of
The Migala Report, a sports marketing trade publication in Chicago.

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