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April 22 - May 5, 2005


John Hope Franklin’s 90th Birthday Party was a Bash

Historian and former Ebony magazine associate editor Lerone Bennett, Jr. joined well-wishers to celebrate historian John Hope Franklin’s 90th birthday in Washington, Friday, April 15.  In his praise of Franklin, Bennett recalled reading Franklin’s From Slavery to Freedom.  “It changed what I thought I could do with my life,” he said.  Franklin penned the book in 1947, when he was only 32 and Bennett was 19. 

From Slavery to Freedom is now in its 8th edition.  As others praised his ability
to change what we think of ourselves, Franklin simply responded, “It would be folly to think I could change the world with my words, but I try to.”

The event was a Washington Interdependence Council fund raiser for the Benjamin Banneker Memorial endeavor.  (Franklin supports the group's efforts.)  The group seeks to establish a memorial to the colonial hero Benjamin Banneker.

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