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February 25 - March 10, 2005


Washington Wizard Etan Thomas at Karibu Bowie Town Center

Etan ThomasEtan Thomas, the aggressive 6'10, 260-pound center, power-forward for the Washington Wizards, reads and signs his new poetry/CD book, More Than An Athlete Poems (Moore Black Press, $19.95) at Karibu Books - Bowie, MD.  Thomas shares his perspective on historical figures and events, such as the death of Emmett Till, the Tulsa riots, and Malcolm X.

Using rhyme and pop culture terminology, and his passion for young people, Thomas finds a way to get young people to listen to him.  The 26-year-old Aries added,   “I use poetry as a channel to connect me to the youth of the world.  I don't tell them anything that their parents, teachers, preachers, etc. haven't been telling them probably all of their lives.  The people who kids usually pay the most attention to are athletes, entertainers, rappers, actors, etc.  I don't care what Charles Barkley says, I am a role model whether I want to be or not.  I use my position as an athlete as a platform”

The Harlem native, who was raised in Tulsa, OK, returned home to Harlem every summer where he attended plays and poetry readings with his mother.  Besides playing for the Wizards, he has performed alongside Nikki Giovanni, Edward Hirsch, The Last Poets, Kevin Powell and others.  He performs at Karibu Books, Bowie Town Center, Tuesday, March 1, 6:30p to 8:30p.

He also appears in Harlem, March 7 at the Nubian Heritage Bookstore and Atlanta, March 15, Hammonds House Art Gallery.      

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