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December 30, 2005 - January 12, 2006


Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.

50 Attend POH 10th Anniversary Celebration

Ted MorganBorrowing from the current issue’s focus, “Whatever Happened to the Revolution?” A. Peter Bailey said he does not call the movement of the 60s a revolution.   “Cuba was revolution,” he said.

People romanticize the 60s as a time that almost everyone was involved in making needed social changes continued Bailey, but the truth is that “less than 10% of the people were involved in the Civil Rights Movement,” said the co-founder of the Organization of African-American Unity along with Malcolm X.  He urges people who want to make a accomplishment today to band together with those that are ready.  “We got caught up in trying to get everybody to join the effort in the 60s,” he continued. 

Anike Robinson, a child of the movement who grew up in the activist household of Brenda Randolph and Randall Robinson, said the movement was romantic to her, but her turning point was when she read the Autobiography of Malcolm X.  To get today’s message to the masses, Robinson, who authors our next issue's cover story, suggested using the same tactics that people like Puffy Combs uses to get his messages across.

On a lighter note, during a presentation on Decorating for the Holidays, Ted Morgan of Defining Moments suggested,  “You should spot decorate where people are going to go.  For instance, you can put some garland around the mirror in the bathroom.”  When POH reader Wayne Upton asked, “Is it better to use artificial flowers versus real flowers,” Morgan responded, “it’s a matter of taste, however, with artificial flowers you won’t get the natural smells.”  Morgan will also participate in Defining Moments:   Wedding Bliss, on Saturday March 11.

Rev. Dr. Susan Newman gave an enlightening presentation on Loving God and Sex.  She urged people to “have a very wholesome, sane, and safe sexual life.”  However, “you should not have sex with everyone you are aroused by,” she continued.

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