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June 4 - June 17, 2004


Port Of Harlem presents: Blacks, Conservatives and American Politics A Free Lively Happy-Hour Discussion

Fresh from celebrating BAMPAC's 10th Anniversary, Alvin Williams joins Port Of Harlem readers for a lively, happy-hour discussion about his organization's vision of Social Security reform, improving public education, expanding economic opportunities to the historically disadvantaged in America, the promotion of equality for all Americans, protecting the sanctity of human life, restoring moral values, and the importance of family. Since its founding by Dr. Alan Keyes and Williams, BAMPAC has grown to become one of the top 25 political action committees (PACs) in the country.

The stimulating conversation takes place at
Ellington's on Eighth, Thursday, June 17 from 6p to 7:30p. Ellington's is a champagne lounge and garden café at 424 8th Street, SE near Eastern Market Metro stop in Washington, D.C.

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