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January 16 - January 29, 2004


Adam Clayton Powell IV Endorses Sharpton

In a backdrop of Pan-African cooperation, Puerto-Rican-born Adam Clayton Powell IV has endorsed Al Sharpton for president. The New York Democratic Assemblyman represents Harlem and East Harlem, and is the son of the legendary Civil Rights and political leader Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Many consider his father as the greatest African American elected official in this country's history. His mother's grandfather, Don Gonzalo Diago, was Mayor of San Juan in the 1940s.

In DC's non-binding primary (where voters voted, but did not select delegates to the convention). Dean led the pack with 43 percent of the vote. Al Sharpton came in an impressive second with 34 percent of the vote. Carol Moseley Braun came in third with 12 percent of the vote. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich received only 8 percent of the vote.

Under pressure from the National Democratic office, Richard Gephardt, Wesley Clark, John Edwards, Joseph Lieberman, and John Kerry chose not to participate in the exercise. City officials backed the primary with the hope of gaining attention DC's status as America's last colony. District residents pay Federal taxes, but have no voting representation in the U.S. House and no representation in the U.S. Senate - - where there are also no Blacks.

While campaigning in DC, Sharpton said of Dean, "Given his record of gutting criminal defense programs for the poor, his hostility to the rights of defendants, and his statement that 95% of all those arrested are guilty, it is very likely that a Dean Administration could set the Supreme Court back one hundred years.".

"We don't know exactly what the Supremes would look like under his watch, but I am betting it won't be Diana Ross. If we are not careful, those guys with the confederate flags on the back of their pickups could be wearing black robes instead of white ones."

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